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for Dragon's Ballad

7/12/2020 c4 517dragonboy
Nice chapter. Makes sense they'd try to civilize her.
6/23/2020 c4 Unazaki
This is going to be real interesting when Eliza regains her true form and they realize she's an Elder Dragon
5/23/2020 c3 17dragonboy
Interesting making her feral. Makes sense too.
5/11/2020 c3 SaurianFan
Interesting... Very interesting! The plot thickens! I eagerly await your next chapter!
5/11/2020 c3 Unazaki
Oh my the plot thickens!
Looking forward to the next chapter
2/9/2020 c2 17dragonboy
Yeesh, that flash bomb was super effective. I wish stuff like that could happen in game.
Curious to see what her plan is, if she even has one.
2/3/2020 c2 Bunny
Amazing work and you told me that you cannot write descriptively.
For shame, you lied...
(But seriously, I love this and I want more)
2/3/2020 c2 Unazaki
Oh whats this? The commander knows something?! OwO
1/31/2020 c1 Unazaki
OOOO Very very interesting indeed, would love to see more of this

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