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for Are You The One?

8/10/2022 c11 1MultiNatasha1997
Will there be a sequel?
6/11/2022 c11 8Rachael1510
I loved this story, stayed up way too late to finish it. Hoping to see a sequel? Be a great one shot to write about the reunion and how BeChloe is getting on.
1/23/2022 c11 Guest
Amazing thank you
1/19/2022 c11 Bechloeforever
I came back to reread this masterpiece again! It’s sooo well written. I would DEFINITELY love for you to maybe write a fanfic about a reality show based on the Netflix series called “Too hot to handle”. It’s full of drama and romance and I think a version of the pitch perfect characters being apart of it would be…..aca awesome.(but also bechloe will have to be main couple)️. Anyways pls consider it! And hope you are doing well! Take care.
8/27/2021 c11 javth
Would love to see a epilogue on the reunion show. Great story
8/18/2021 c11 Guest
So excited to see this final chapter! Thanks for the awesome writing!
8/7/2021 c11 silver-2-roxy
are you going to finish this story or make a sequel to know what happens after the show?
7/24/2021 c11 just.vee
Aw man. Not gonna lie I was a bit apprehensive about reading this story but not that I’ve read it, superb job! I just hope you’re planning to write a sequel to this!
7/21/2021 c11 malexfaith
I do wish for more, a sequal... or something, the reunion or a year in the future. This was such an addictive piece, I try not to read WIP as I have no patience - I am glad I didn't attempt this as I would have gone insane waiting for updates. I read this whole thing in 2 days, I tell you life really got in the way. Thanks heaps for sharing
7/11/2021 c11 TTshorty33
awesome chapter!
7/11/2021 c11 TTshorty33
7/10/2021 c11 MaliXx
Definitely worth the wait :D Thoroughly enjoyed this fic, thank you so much for finishing it - I kept wondering how things would work out in the end.. I'll confess I did give up at some point, thought it'll just be one of those cases (I have a couple other fics around here that I loved and were never finalized - well never till current times :P ), so very glad you proved me wrong on that one :P
Hope to hear from you again, I'd be interested to read what else you can think up :)
7/9/2021 c11 30RJRMovieFan
Thanks so much for finishing this story. The final chapter was perfect, though you definitely left room for an epilogue if inspiration hits. You have written some of my favorite stories, and this one is definitely right up there. Whether it’s an epilogue or a new story, I hope we see more of your writing in the future; you’re an amazing writer.
7/9/2021 c11 Hetwaszoietsals
Definitely worth the wait! Thank you!
6/21/2021 c10 Guest
Love this story! Can't wait to find out all the perfect matches! If possible please don't give up on this story, it is so good and so different from everything else I've read. Also the good vibe/feel good atmosphere of this fic is like a breath of fresh air for those of us stuck at home during the pandemic. Thank you. I hope you're healthy and safe.
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