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2/1 c17 DarkWitchLover
Ahhhh! Love it. I hope you make Marcel a good guy. I hated how they portrayed Klaus and his relationship, turning Marcel into a bad guy.
2/1 c17 Guest
what a kinda heart warming way to end the chapter i’m already ready for the next
2/1 c17 Kyra
Omg! I love it!Hope davina and marcel can be friends with bonnie, caroline and klaus really soon! Absolutely cannot wait for more!
1/31 c17 Nellyblue11
Great chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter. Can't wait to see how Rebekah will be introduce. Does she know about the baby? How overprotective will Klaus get? Update soon please.
1/31 c17 6Rucky
So the baby is he o she?
Cause Davina said HE
1/21 c16 TwilightHybrid
Damn that was scary. I don't know why they didn't use Klaus blood to feed Caroline. I'm quite sure the baby would recognize her dad's blood. But I'm glad to see she's fine. I love that she fed from Klaus to save her and her baby. I think they both needed his blood. I see this will bring them closer. I have a feeling the other blood spot they showed is Tyler and he was the one that held Caroline captive. I wonder if Caroline is going to tell Klaus what happened when Sabine came to the house. I wonder if Marcel will try to speak with Bonnie now he knows she's a witch in the Quarter. Will Davina and Bonnie meet again? This was an intense chapter. I can't wait for more. Please update soon!
1/21 c15 TwilightHybrid
Bonnie I can that I'm starting to like her now. She doesn't play when it comes to Caroline and now that Caroline is pregnant, she's going to make sure nothing happens to her best friend. This chapter is good. And now that they have described Tyler...all he'll is going to break loose. Awesome chapter!
1/21 c14 TwilightHybrid
Congrats on the little girl on the way! I don't know why Sabine was there. I have a feeling Sophie didn't send her, Sabine had other alternatives. Glad Hayley was there but sadly...someone has Caroline and if I'm right...it was Tyler. And why is he in New Orleans? Klaus is not going to like this..
1/20 c13 TwilightHybrid
Great chapter. I loved how the meeting with Marcel went. I loved that Caroline finally told her mom. Glad to see that Liz took it better than I expected. I don't know how Damon, Elena, Matt will take it but to be honest I don't care what Damon and Elena think. All Elena going to say is 'why would you do that Caroline'. I do know Tyler is going to be pissed! But he technically doesn't have a say...he left Caroline...well Klaus forced him to leave but he didn't try to fight to stay either. I wonder when Rebekah will make an appearance. Can't leave her out the loop. Thanks for this chapter!
1/20 c12 TwilightHybrid
Caroline... Caroline she is right...she cannot lie LOL. But I see now they sort of have Marcel on their side against the witches. And I hope what Klaus told Marcel about Caroline being linked was a lie. I mean I wouldn't put it passed them if they wanted extra precaution with Klaus. And since Marcel doesn't think its Klaus child, he's willing to help. But we all know that Klaus has something else in store.
1/20 c11 TwilightHybrid
I understand why Caroline wants to see the good in Marcel but, she does need to see that she doesn't know him personally. So she should be cautious until he shows that he can be trusted with their baby secret. I know by now both Stefan and Bonnie can see the connection between Klaus and Caroline. I mean its not hard to see. And speaking of connection...I hope there isn't a one between Hayley and Elijah. I like them as friends but not a couple. Which ever way u choose I'll read of course.
1/20 c10 TwilightHybrid
I'm glad they did a full day of their date. Glad they both enjoyed each others time. Now that Marcel and Caroline have met, I wonder what will come of this. But Caroline is kinda right. If they show Marcel that they are trust worthy maybe they'll be able to get him to take the witches off the tight leash he has them on with their magic. Only time will tell.
1/20 c9 TwilightHybrid
I can't wait to see how this date is going to go. I love that Caroline is willing to change and give Klaus a chance at whatever they are feeling for one another. I like that everyone is trying to help out the witches in their own way but I have a feeling the witches are going to run out of patience and that will not sit well for Klaus. I like that Hayley is out of the house as well. I'm glad she's helping Stefan find her family. Glad that Bonnie and Klaus can some what exist in the same room. I'm also glad that Caroline spoke to her mom even though she didn't tell her about her pregnancy.
1/20 c8 TwilightHybrid
So now they know that the witches are counting on Caroline to have control over Klaus to do their bidding if she wants to save her baby. And now they are going to find out more about why there aren't any wolves in the area anymore. Why did Marcel get rid of the wolves in the first place. And how will he and the supernatural react to the miracle Caroline is carrying.
1/20 c7 TwilightHybrid
So now Hayley is on watch at the Mikaelson mansion. She has been filled in on what is going on. I love that they are welcoming her into their home. Can't wait for more. And to make matters worse, Marcel has killed Jane-Anne for using magic...I wonder how this is all going to unfold.
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