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1/20 c6 TwilightHybrid
Hayley has entered the picture. I wonder if Tyler is there as well. I have to say that Bonnie irritated the hell out of me in this chapter. I know she's only trying to protect Caroline I get that but damn, some things you have to set aside and let it be. If she hasn't figured out yet, Klaus cares a lot about Caroline to the point it is obsession and now that she's caring his child, it has multiplied. She has to see that Klaus doesn't treat Caroline like he does others. Its like she's trying not to see any good in Klaus despite what he's done in their town. But I'm trying to give her the benefit of doubt to give her time to see Klaus in a different light but she's making it hard. I think when her and Caroline truly sit down and she sees the way Caroline talks about Klaus, maybe she'll understand it better. I like that they are getting settled into their home. I hope in the next chapter, she calls her mom and tells her about the baby.
1/20 c5 TwilightHybrid
I love that Caroline wants to keep her baby. I love that she's not angry at Klaus. But I love how mature she is and that she's owning up to what her and Klaus did. I don't like the fact that Bonnie would assume the absolute worse in Klaus to want to force himself on someone. But right now her train of thought against vampires are at an 'I hate them all' right now. I'll give her sometime. Glad to see that Stefan has took the news pretty good. Glad they are willing to stay with Caroline while she has her baby. And now it has been revealed that Marcel has a witch on his side and that's how he's able to keep control of the other witches. I'm liking the twist to Stefan and Bonnie being there for Caroline. Like the twist its Caroline in Hayley's place and there won't be a second love interest for Caroline in the form of Elijah. I'm rooting for Katherine to make an appearance. I wonder how the talk between Caroline and Tyler is going to go.
1/20 c4 TwilightHybrid
Why did I have a feeling it was going to go down that road. Caroline is four months pregnant with Klaus baby. How will Stefan and Bonnie react. Will Caroline tell her mom? How will Tyler react to it? Will she stay in New Orleans while she's pregnant? Will Klaus have an enemy in Marcel? Will they try to tie a witch life to Caroline? Glad to see Elijah there. Will Rebekah make an appearance as well?
1/20 c3 TwilightHybrid
Wonder how this meeting is going to go with Jane-Anne. Why did she ask for Klaus as well. I kinda figured it was going to be Stefan and Bonnie that goes with Klaus and Caroline. I mean it was only logical. And now that we know some history to the necklace only time will tell as to why they need Caroline.
1/20 c2 TwilightHybrid
I know of course Klaus and Caroline. I believe Bonnie is going to come and maybe Stefan leaving Damon and Elena in Mystic Falls. Of course they may follow them but I know they are going to disagree.
1/20 c1 TwilightHybrid
What the hell happened? Why does Jane-Anne want Caroline? Why go through all the trouble to bring her to New Orleans? Is this because of Klaus? They need something from her...can't wait to see what it is. I definitely want to see more from this already. I already followed this story before I read it and I can tell its going to be good.
1/11 c16 Elise baby
Your writing is so beautiful that it brings emotions out of it so never give up on this story I am truly excited or curious what is going to happen.
12/30/2020 c16 rebbecca1
Wonderful! That last part was so sweet! I love confident, sassy and strong Bonnie.
12/27/2020 c16 Guest
omgggg yes i’m so glad you updated i need more
12/27/2020 c16 Kyra
Omg! I absolutely love this story! It's so awesome! Absolutely cannot wait for more! I like marcel being more open! I hope bonnie can help davina! Is it Rebekah the other dot? Or Freya? Totally loved the blood shearing! I'll be impatiently waiting for the next chapter! Hope you had a merry Christmas!
12/27/2020 c16 DarkWitchLover
Absolutely love the chapter! I’m glad Caroline and Jelly Bean are ok. But ugh I want to know who took them! Cannot wait till the next chapter!
12/25/2020 c15 Muhammad Afzal
pls pls pls continue
12/25/2020 c1 Muhammad Afzal
pls continue i loved it and merry christmas <3
12/8/2020 c15 3kxtxrsis
my god this is getting insane! i cannot wait for more !
so marcel has figured it out? i dont get that part crearly
hope u update soon!
12/2/2020 c15 Guest
So good more pls
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