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for Of Elder Days

11/25/2020 c6 Twix2111
Dude! This is so good!
11/2/2020 c3 qkaraoi
This here my friend, is pure quality.
11/2/2020 c1 qkaraoi
this good
8/2/2020 c6 Hadrian.Caeser
Nice, even if I am a bit disappointed that there is no young version of Eragon and Saphira
8/2/2020 c2 Hadrian.Caeser
Uiuiui. Thx
8/2/2020 c1 Hadrian.Caeser
4/29/2020 c6 Guest
Yes! Please don't take too long for the next update
4/28/2020 c6 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
4/28/2020 c7 Madhatter
Having the announcements as chapters isn’t that big of a deal but is a giant tease :)...in the future I would just do one announcement and replace it with the chapter once it’s complete. Other than that I thought you did an excellent job with the chapter and I loved the Brom and Eragon interaction. I feel like it’s sometimes overlooked in these type of going back in time stories. Great job and I can’t wait for the next update!
4/27/2020 c6 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
Not sure why some people seem to be personally offended by your ANs. It's not a big deal. That must have been a serious injury to still be dealing with it. Glad you managed to push through. I'm looking forward to the rescue.
4/27/2020 c7 Ben Walker1
good chapter, I hope your condition improves soon.

also as a note, A/Ns aren't the problem, the problem was that it wasn't used for something truly important. your first one was fine, perfectly reasonable even. the second one was just unnecessary.

think about it like this

"does my audience need to be made aware of this information as quickly as possible? is it critically important?"

if they answer is yes, post an A/N chapter.
if the answer is no, leave it for the start or end of your next chapter
4/27/2020 c6 NonchalantlyAJ
You should really stop posting non-chapters, not only is it against the rules it’s also exceedingly rude.
4/27/2020 c6 Ben Walker1
don't do this.
ever again.

don't post an entire chapter just to say a chapter is almost done.

just post the chapter when it is finished.

doing this kind of thing just makes people angry when they get notifications for an update and instead get this.
4/4/2020 c2 Brisingr
I hope eragon gets brisingr back instead of zar’oc
4/3/2020 c5 Fan
Very good so far. Hope your hand gets better and you finish this
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