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3/30 c1 Starscraper
Oh yes, please continue this.
It' really good, I liked it alot.
Your writing style is nice, you can easily read through it fluidly. Well done :)
2/1 c1 2Catticus 42
OH MY GOD! This IS EPIC! I love your addition to the end of Awakening, it certainly increases the suspense. I can totally see Nikola being very much against the idea of drinking Helen's blood and worried about controlling himself. I Also love the part where she kisses his cheek its such a tender moment between them despite the desperate situation they are in. You captured the characters perfectly Well done!

P.s Please continue writing this story, its so good! :D
2/1 c1 Wolfshadow17
Ahhh, I love it! Aw poor Niko! having to feed on helen. Love love love! Nikola not wanting to feed on helen but knowing he has too is just ugh! The tense moment between the two of them!

Continue Please! :D

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