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7/22 c3 1at-nightfall
A computer build with completely different tech than 1995 ones wouldn't even have the concept of a hard drive or a CDROM, much less even the need to emulate one.
RAM and maybe ROM are viable concepts.
Trying to read the content of some memory would be an interesting activity.
Trying to build replacement parts would only work if they could copy the runes from an existing gemstone to a new, blank one. Otherwise they would have no idea what to do.
7/22 c1 at-nightfall
The computer stuff reads like you are bullshtiting someone.
What a computer needs are a cpu, memory, an input and an output device and something that connects all of this. Don't think PC. Don't think Apple II or CPM computer, but think first or second generation computer like the one Allan Turing programmed during WW2 to decrypt the enigma, or Zuse's Z3 or even the difference engine.
Drivers for anything or a BIOS would not make much sense for a one of computer. A mainboard is a special technology created when CPUs fit into one chip. The 33MHz is very off, even when it fits 1995 for Pentium CPUs.

For ideas:
- for memory think what core memory allows you to do, so you don't need an extra device for stable storage.
- what Harry should be able to find and identify would be a bus or its equivalent.
- pre 1965 computers had their components mounted on a mechanical frame, and the wires were soldered to the components afterwards. A bit like wire wrap prototypes.
- for some early computers one bit wide CPUs were fast enough, especially when using tubes.

6/25 c12 Guest
I think a big part of that 'knowledge fidelus' would be restoring the accomplishments to those who actually did them. I imagine, at least, they made sure to do so before casting it.
6/25 c6 Guest
Huh. I'm surprised that Albus isn't reacting yet to the sudden retrieval of money.

Though there is the idea of them also going after the stolen funds from where it was transferred to, not just the one who stole it. Can't see Albus being too happy about the yelling there. At the very least, I can completely see the Goblins doing mandatory audits on all those accounts.

Harry should probably get that proxy situation settled. And work at undoing those votes where he can. It does provide a nice narrative in that 'maybe Albus left an innocent man to rot, so he could steal the proxy votes'. And then look at any other votes Albus is using, if he did something similarly shady to do so.
6/25 c5 Guest
Oh man, I can imagine the reason of the pamphlets not being handed out to be Croaker deciding that Unspeakables REGULARLY talk to the students. "Since there's a mystery in where resources we sent to the school go, there shall now be a regular unspeakable presence in the castle to solve it. No, no, they'll be discovering the answers on their own. We don't need your investigative skills."

There's probably a bunch of other 'lost' materials, not just Unspeakable stuff either. Albus playing 'clever' games and ending up getting a much, much worse situation than if he just left things alone.

Probably wanted to 'earn' favors by 'graciously' saying he pulled some strings to get students a job offer at the Unspeakables or some such rot. And probably only going for 'Outstanding' scoring students. Since Albus, someone who never worked as an Unspeakable, knows better than the DoM who they want to hire. :V

Certainly fits this version of him, at least.
5/7 c12 forestreject
: hearts:
3/15 c3 TrumpasaurusRex
Revealing the existence of the Room of Requirement to the entire staff, including Snape, for no reason? Beyond cringe.
3/7 c8 8Quincey Forder-Denis De Plaen
Love the concept of the crystal drive, kind of reminded me of something like that in Ramez Naam’s novel Apex (third in the Nexus series) and also like what is seen in Horizon Forbidden West (won’t say in what context )
2/28 c5 Mastersgtjames
I doubt it will happen, but I always want any intelligent Harry in these fics to eventually figure out their own method of immortality/agelessness.

Also, surprised Croaker has not checked the gem over and found it to be a horcrux... I mean, he may already know, but he did not check.
2/28 c2 Mastersgtjames
Yeesh, bad OpSec. Terrible way to keep secrets.

Also, hope they are already practicing Occlumency.
2/28 c1 Mastersgtjames
Why not just ask Dobby for help?
2/12 c12 E.Elliot
I love it!
1/7 c1 Jo Cook
1/6 c12 Larenars
Excellent story. I really liked the ideas.
1/4 c12 42EdTheBeast
A cute, funny, AU must read!
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