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1/4 c12 44EdTheBeast
A cute, funny, AU must read!
8/6/2021 c12 odonnellzoo99
Another very interesting story, with a computer science theme this time. The cover art looks cool also.
Thank you again for sharing your creativity.
7/18/2021 c12 S
A clever and creative premise. Hermione and Harry make a wonderful team/pair, and you’ve enhanced it by making Harry equally brilliant. Also liked it that Hermione had as much of a role to play as Harry. Yeah, Ron just didn’t fit in over here, and I’m relieved you got him out of the way for the most part. That imagery you provided of Snape was hilarious! Thanks.
7/7/2021 c10 deckman1234
Still liking the story even if it is getting a little cracky. I thought Umbridge was arrested last chapter? Cheers:)
7/7/2021 c2 deckman1234
Looking like a fine story so far. Cheers:)
6/29/2021 c8 3jon08
Absolutely loving this story; New ideas and concepts, being 'thrown' into the mix.
I used similar idea to yours, house elves related to Fae in my own story 'New Resolutions', though took it in slightly different direction.
6/3/2021 c12 1FictionLover84
Good story
6/2/2021 c12 HoneyBear84
Loved it
4/15/2021 c2 Guest
I have no problem with Ron Weasley bashing as long as it's not overdone, unless you overdo it for comical effect.
4/9/2021 c12 Katherine Rosalie Hale
Saving me again with an awesome story! Thank you!
3/5/2021 c8 bgreenfl
Good story!

As to the technical info ... I do think it's a bit much, but easily scanned over to reach the actual story. In my opinion, it neither adds to nor detracts from (very much) the narrative.

I have used a few languages, mainly Basic, APL and spreadsheet macros. I can follow SOME of what you're describing, but again, it's not worth the time to me.
2/28/2021 c8 Schmaing003
Wait didn't Luna say her family never had any interaction with the Flamels in chapter 6?! Now suddenly in chapter 8 she hugs them and says they have visited many times over the years? Did you just forget what your wrote 2 chapters ago? So far the story had been sort of fun... I cannot tell what the point of detailed techno speak is when it is not referencing an actual computer but a made up crystal version and it kind of detracts from the actual plot happening in the background... your harry and Hermione do not seem to be worried about the evil dark lord who wants them dead... in fact it feels like he doesn't exist. This reads more like a no voldy au with super smart Harry just being super smart.
2/24/2021 c3 marvinkitfox1
This is a very good story

Flashback: ..a bite out of the sandwich. it was delicious, just the right amount of mustard and...

Back to the present:
I really enjoyed this chapter, its narrative flows so

Flashback: .. turn left here, the Tesco is just down the street. And remember that Aunt Muriel wanted an extra gallon of...

Back to the present:
naturally and smoothly that one barely notices the ludicrously inserted rambling from the past.
2/16/2021 c11 2DannyBoy2k
A small note on this chapter is that Dumbledore's friend Doge's first name is Elphias. There is no-one by the name Daedalus in the books, but there is a Dedalus, no A in the first part. His last name is Diggle.
1/26/2021 c12 25Sorceress of Magic
That was definitely interesting, I liked it :)
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