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1/7/2021 c12 1Potter Abducted by Penguins
An excellent story!
12/19/2020 c6 Sifo-Dyas
Pretty sure the Flamels where not that old lol
12/19/2020 c6 Sifo-Dyas
why is luna like this god figure in every fanfiction
12/18/2020 c12 1Jimbocous
Nice one. Good grins, too. Thanks for a great read!
11/17/2020 c8 1SixFtWookie
I dont know if you used Sweet Baby Maeve as a Sword of Gryffindor reference on purpose, but as one, it is hilarious!
11/4/2020 c12 shadewolfedrt
Great story very different and original.
11/4/2020 c12 WhiteEagle1985
A wonderful story here!
11/2/2020 c12 kimjo2
What a delightful story! Some of the tech was past me but a splendid time was had. Thanks so much
11/1/2020 c12 K
Very imaginative and highly enjoyable. A very good read.
10/23/2020 c12 22Shinobi Gatana
I would kind of like to see where Harry, Hermoine, Luna, and Neville went from here. Either way, good job.
10/21/2020 c12 12old-crow

You had a very clever story concept that worked well. Thank you for sharing it with us,

10/14/2020 c12 15Saissa
A very interesting story! I love the idea of the Diadem being an ancient computer...

Some of the "technobabble" as Colonel O'Neill (with 2 Ls) from stargate, calls it, did go over my head, but I got the gist of what Hermione was saying...
10/13/2020 c12 FFFudgeUp
Adorable story. Glad Old Dumbles got his. Thanks for sharing!
10/5/2020 c1 6ImUpToNoGood
Hmmm, of owl post uses a house elf, what is to stop them from asking Dobby?
9/25/2020 c12 ak
bonne fic!
et voldy?
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