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for After the Dates: Danny and Barbara

1h c25 Guest
Question I have wanted to ask your TMDDP writing group for a while now, by universe who are Deadpool's love interests?
1h c25 137Invader Johnny
Heh, Danny can go against villains and crazy fans no problem but when he has to talk to Commissioner Gordon, THAT is when he get scared.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
2h c25 30NiteOwl18
What an great chapter. I like the name of the title. And Danny is going to get a stern lecture from Commissioner Gordon of her daughter dating him now that his secret is out.
3h c25 4Monster King
3h c25 6Jebest4781
Looking well here and can't wait to see what else will be done very soon.
3h c25 3RonaldM40196867
Darkseid is a classic Justice League villain.

I miss the Batcuffs.

Ya gotta love Gordon’s spirit.
6/8 c24 1Zoomedin
Cool cameos here! I was indeed curious about the next threat Danny would face, and was almost sure it would be the Yellow Lantern Corps. I hope they do still play a role in the upcoming chapters. Any chance Brainic could be one of the villains that shows up later on or what about Killer Croc? They're big favorites of mine. I want to hear exactly how this amps up! Also are Danny and Barbara going to get to prom together? I've heard about him doing that with girls in the other spinoffs. I hope it happens here too! Great story so far, though!
6/8 c23 Zoomedin
I'm so glad Danielle showed up here, but the Vexacus scene was way too short in my opinion, otherwise though great chapter!
6/8 c19 Zoomedin
While reading the stories from Neomark, I heard a great ending to The Masters' Blasters event, and I hope something similar can accomplisheed here. I liked hearing Tucker talk about Robin's origin. I also liked the race setup. I think Comiissioner Gordon and Jack need to meet at some point. I'd like to hear about that. great story so far!
5/30 c24 77DJ Rodriguez
Thanks for the update, and sorry for the delay. Been rather busy as of late, and hanging with family.

It seems that Danny and Dani did their best, and also Cat Noir too, but they were not equipped to handle what was coming. Fortunately, Danny came up with a solution that made his parents re-think on ghosts & also saving the world!

Also, the therapy part of Tucker there, nice touch!

The reasons for League membership being denied to Danny is understandable, but at least he will be called up. And to tell you the truth, I believe that is better for Danny. I myself am not a complete DC fan, so the Justice League... meh, not my thing. At least he will be paired with other teen heroines when its time to do some heroics, but firmly he is loyal to Barbara!

Excellent work! Also, Starfire saying she will respect the Code of Girls was also cool! In addition, I updated my crossover story, so I really do hope you check it out!

Keep it up!
5/29 c24 3RonaldM40196867
Starfire still talks funny. I love it.

Thanks, Flash.

Robin is obviously jealous. Pathetic.
5/29 c24 4danifan3000
I really liked that ghosts from other media are going to be involved with turning the earth intangible such as dead man, gentleman ghost, phantasma and her father. It was a huge missed opportunity in the Danny/Kim timeline since in that story, the only ghosts involved with saving the world were the ones from Danny Phantom.

Also since Cat noir was in this chapter, I'm curious if there are any plans for any other miraculous characters to show up in this or the other stories since some of the season 4 dubbed episodes popped up on YouTube. One of the new characters is Chloe's half sister Zoe, who is basically the exact opposite of Chloe.
5/29 c24 William Escobar 608
1) ¿Clover es muy CODICIOSA no?

2) ¿Si Danny salió con UNA ROBOT porque le CUESTA tanto a Sam creé que fuera de su SUPERFICIAL mundo existen PORRISTAS BUENAS?.


4) Tucker no es muy confiable.

5) JAJAJA XD JAJAJA... Sam se volvera LOCA cuando se enteré de que Supergirl y Starfire, 2 de las heroínas adolescentes MAS SEXYS del mundo están haciendo equipo con Danny.

6) Aunque para ser justos UNA TABLA es más sexy que Sam.
5/29 c24 6Jebest4781
this was quite good there
5/29 c24 9pokemon fan 1991
So Danny is not a Justice League member, but he’ll still be called on.

Deadpool well that is neat

There is not much to say but this was a good chapter

This is Deadpool and PFN signing out
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