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for After the Dates: Danny and Barbara

5/10 c38 3Mr Felidae
I loved reading each chapter. Great work! Thanks for sharing this with us.
3/22 c38 33NiteOwl18
Cool ending, and you just set up the beginning of Batman Beyond!
3/19 c38 Leonardo
Creio que a fanfic está chegando ao fim .
3/20 c38 84DJ Rodriguez
Now this was cool! Thanks for the update, and sorry for the long delay. Just so you know, I finished Book One of my Danny Phantom x Dragonball crossover! Hope you check it out soon.

It seems that Danny and Bruce's families are having exceptional kids, and also smart if they are figuring some things out on their own. It seems that this takes place in the future, during the early days of "Batman Beyond". I have to say this, nice timing on that one.

I have a feeling that things are going to get more interesting and intense from here on out. And again, I wish you the best of luck in all that you do concerning this story and the others you have made.

Excellent work! Keep it up!
3/19 c38 141Invader Johnny
Batman even in his old age is scary as Danny saw, I find it humorous that he asked if Bruce was kryptonian, the man has a good ear and a sharp mind and clearly still traumatized by his parents deaths by not wanting his own kid to follow in his footsteps at such a young age.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
3/19 c38 2461394
Good story
3/19 c38 8Jebest4781
This was quite good with what’s being done here. Will wonder what kind of change ups will happen with you doing Batman Beyond events now.
3/19 c38 3RonaldM40196867
It’s about time Bruce married Selina.

Helena is underrated.

Fenton Enterprises sounds like a big success.

I’m glad Terry McGinnis makes an appearance.

I’m guessing you’re a Batman Beyond fan, right?
3/19 c38 4danifan3000
so we've finally reached batman beyond? there are actually comics for the character now, some crazy stuff happens there like terry's little brother becoming robin beyond, the member of the royal flush gang known as 10 is terry's new girlfriend and batgirl beyond, Bruce's son Damian has replaced Ra's al ghul and jealous he wasn't batman, Dick Grason is now the mayor of bludhaven while his daughter is now nightwing, and the joker somehow returns again and turns one on the jokerz into joker beyond.
3/19 c38 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
3/14 c37 Guest
i like the story . i was wondering if you would do after many dates danny and sabrina after you finish this story please and thank you.
2/27 c1 Dan C
How in the hell do ya get 500 comments on a progressive work that began less than a month ago? Big group these DP fans I guess, eh?
2/26 c37 Leonardo
Quando e como Danny descobriu que Felicia Hardy era a Gata Negra ?
2/26 c37 33NiteOwl18
Awww, what a lovely chapter:)
2/26 c37 84DJ Rodriguez
Thank you for the update here! It was well worth the wait!

Danny and Barbara finally manage to tie the knot, and also Selene with Bruce & they have a kid?! Now that is way past cool! The party is interrupted by an old nemesis of Bruce, but things are taken care of quickly. And finally, Fenton and Miss Gordon become as one to become the new Mr. & Mrs. Fenton! WHOO!

All in all, excellent work! Keep it up!
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