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11/6 c28 I love creative fanfiction
can't wait for the future updates
9/22 c28 Entertainment lover
Amazing chapter. The conversation between Evie and peter was fantastic. It is nice that the Evie has made friends with Peter. The conversation between Hermione,Bridget,Carmen,Evie and kezaih was interesting.
9/21 c27 Entertainment lover
Excellent chapter. The conversation between Natasha,Bridget,Thor,Evie and kezaih was is wonderful that the girls had a fun filled sleepover. The conversation between Carmen,Bridget,kezaih and Evie was cute.
9/21 c25 Entertainment lover
Awesome chapter. The conversation between Natasha and Remus was nice. I loved how Natasha threatened Remus for Evie. The conversation between Evie,Thor,Natasha,Loki,tony and Peter was fantastic. I loved how everyone wants to go to school to drop Evie. The conversation between director Wilson,thor and Natasha was fantastic.
9/21 c24 Entertainment lover
Wonderful chapter. The conversation between jarvis,tony,Loki,Thor and Bruce was nice. It is good that Loki has warded the tower. The conversation between Evie,tony,Remus,Loki,Steve and Natasha was interesting.
9/21 c23 Entertainment lover
Nice chapter. The conversation between Remus and Sirius was wonderful.
9/21 c22 Entertainment lover
Fantastic chapter. The conversation between Sirius,Remus,Loki,Thor,tony,Evie and pepper was nice. Sirius should not have said that to Evie.
8/31 c28 I love creative fanfiction
please update
8/28 c13 1WhitePhoenix22
There is literally a boy named Bjorn in my class
8/28 c6 WhitePhoenix22
I love Evie
8/28 c2 WhitePhoenix22
As a Norwegian, I must say, the transitions are awesome!
4/27 c28 Guest
Working my way through your fan fiction stories hope you update hope you're okay Vivid and all .So more please and Thank You
2/7 c9 Eldersprig
missed opportunity - 3 intelligence people in the room Loki, and all would have pointed out the obvious fact: no body, so Dark Lord is till alive.
1/28 c22 Guest
Lupin should really explain that serious was mentally tortured by magical monsters that sucked the happiness out of its victims while he was being starved for 10 years in prison

the only way he stayed sane was the image of his goddaughter, his animagus transformation and his rage

I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a lil unhinged after that

I’m kinda surprised Bellatrix was still an effective fighter after all those years

Occlumency is such a cheat lol

Wizards that know how to do it can just side step mental trauma if they’re skilled enough
1/28 c15 Guest
It would be great if tony used rune work on his armor

Make it more durable and add modified cushioning charms to activate on command so it’ll act like vibranium and absorb kinetic energy so tony could fall like Warmachine and be perfectly fine

Ignore air resistance for more speed

Partially enchant it with flying broom enchantments for more freedom in 3D movement

maybe expanded spaces too for extra ark reactors, ammo and rockets and more weapons

His mini rockets are gonna pack more explosives lol

He’s gonna be like inspector gadget with all the extra space

Maybe tony could fiddle with the space expanding runes and make a space bomb rockets and implode people in its blast radius

That’ll be awesome
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