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12/30/2022 c28 2acetwolf94
12/22/2022 c28 1dreaddragonknight
You mixed up Evie with Hermione near the end there, cause I didn't see what Evie would have to make up her mind for.

Otherwise good chapter, nice seeing Peter between the time of Iron Man 2 and Civil War
12/22/2022 c27 dreaddragonknight
this was an adorable thing. I am interested to see why the Grangers moved to the US
12/22/2022 c25 dreaddragonknight
While cool, i wish the Natasha as a mother figure was given a little more time to be explored before now, cause it feels rather out of nowhere. Also i just put together the number of ways Evie could resemble Natasha's sister Yelena
12/22/2022 c24 dreaddragonknight
Huh, so Remus knows what a horcrux is? While he is one of the only competent DADA teachers Harry ever had but it is implied that those are a very esoteric form of magic, maybe you could put in an aside of how he knows about it here?
12/22/2022 c23 dreaddragonknight
maybe Remus could bring up the whole Azkaban thing? If they do later, sorry for bringing it up.
12/22/2022 c22 dreaddragonknight
ouch, harsh much to Sirius? I mean I get the issues brought up about him and his impulsiveness is an issue but damn.

Also while i can see Natasha being a skilled cook, i still saw her just being in the kitchen talking to Pepper and Evie rather then actually cooking.
12/22/2022 c21 dreaddragonknight
I like how Natasha was perfectly happy to go straight to murder for Evie. Also nice to see the Norse Mythology's resident good boi and Tony and Loki working together
12/22/2022 c20 dreaddragonknight
I saw a few errors in the beginning of the chapter like some repeated words and grammar errors. Otherwise a good chapter
12/22/2022 c19 dreaddragonknight
Magic super therapy from a goddess for the win
12/22/2022 c18 dreaddragonknight
Tony with access to Asgard tech and experts? oh boi, i am imagining lots of shenanigans. Odin softening up from Evie's presence is also very sweet and well done here
12/22/2022 c17 dreaddragonknight
Were those two just too far away to see the skybeam coming down on Avengers Tower or were they just not looking in the right direction? cause the bifrost is many things, subtle is not one of them.

I can also understand why they didn't but i am surprised that no one even floated the idea of Freya coming down to Midgard to help Evie and maybe Tony
12/22/2022 c16 dreaddragonknight
I am confused about why Albus lied about the Dursley part of the situation, just seems unnecessary to keep that from Sirius and Remus.

Also noticed a few errors like in the beginning "Dumbledore roared to life, and he stepped through" you could/should replace "Dumbledore" with "The fireplace" and turn the "he" into "Albus/Dumbledore"

Maybe have the weak connection be more to do with how long Sirius hasn't been able to see Evie and just pure distance making an exact tracking harder rather then what is likely Tony being named a new godfather for her.
12/22/2022 c15 dreaddragonknight
ok, solid chapter. It really highlights Tony's love of family despite his daddy issues
12/21/2022 c14 dreaddragonknight
interesting way to explain Tony having something resembling magical connections
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