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10/13/2021 c21 6lilly-flower15
Great chapter update soon
10/13/2021 c21 8Revan Shan 2077
Wait what? Awwww man you stop it there….there is a place in Helheim for you just for that, JK anyway great chapter cannot wait for the next
10/13/2021 c21 Undead73
Keep updating
9/19/2021 c20 16ByakuyaxRukiaKuchikifan
i hope you're going to uppdate this story, i really like this and want to read more of this.
9/10/2021 c20 heleana1
More please!
9/9/2021 c8 TrickyGab
Please tell me Fury is gonna buy her a frying Pan to take with her for school
9/7/2021 c2 ks01
they have unleashed the demon
8/30/2021 c20 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
8/24/2021 c20 1Dirt Rider 712
Interesting story!

Thank you,
Dirt Rider
8/11/2021 c20 DAISY2024
Update soon please this is really good
8/8/2021 c6 5MozenrathLuvr
I think it’s okay. It’d be natural for the wee one to be a little immature, considering the fact that she never had the opportunity to be a happy child thanks to her bitch of an aunt and loathsome uncle.
7/18/2021 c5 12mastercheif1229
I think you meant 1.5 million dollars, not 150 million.
7/14/2021 c20 3Time Emperor
Continue this awesomeness, please. This is friggin good.
7/13/2021 c12 DK7TOXINWOLF
I know because of the abuse she acts younger or older. but because shes a demigod I think she ages a bit slower than midgard people. that's what I think anyway.
7/8/2021 c20 Angel11052001
Очень интересная работа, буду ждать продолжения!
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