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12/21/2022 c13 1dreaddragonknight
Nice chapter, Odin being old fashioned but still caring is a good portrayal that you have going on for him
12/21/2022 c12 dreaddragonknight
huh, i was kinda hoping Volstagg would bring up forgotten Hagrid memories or something. I get her being scared of large men considering the Walrus known as Vernon but i am having a hard time seeing the Harry aspects to Evie's personality that would be there regardless of gender, besides the early conditioned politeness anyway
12/21/2022 c11 dreaddragonknight
I think you can tone down the use of the word daddy, many of the sentences you used them in would have been fine without and its use or at least the amount you are using it is a little overbearing
12/20/2022 c10 dreaddragonknight
I love that story of eight year old Loki and Thor
12/20/2022 c8 dreaddragonknight
Maybe Jarivs should have warned Evie before Fury got there that someone new was gonna come in.
12/20/2022 c7 dreaddragonknight
that was adorable
12/20/2022 c6 dreaddragonknight
I feel like the connection between Vernon and Steve makes little sense to me, based upon their builds, life styles, and such I can't see the connection. Otherwise an ok chapter
12/20/2022 c5 dreaddragonknight
Ah yes, when Tony reveals how good of a dad he can be even long before he has any actual kids (somehow) and Pepper being awesome in her own way
12/20/2022 c4 dreaddragonknight
huh, despite past experiences I was still expecting Dumbledore's rep to help him with SHIELD, but thinking about it, yeah Fury would see all the issues Albus's style causes to problems
12/20/2022 c3 dreaddragonknight
as cathartic as that was, I few like the law enforcement would bring up the issue of using torture to get a confession.

Also as happy as Evie is would she really have a near panic attack from Thor not being in the room? seems like an extreme reaction to me even if understandable
12/19/2022 c2 dreaddragonknight
solid chapter again, many feels were felt.

I saw a few grammar errors but otherwise I have nothing else to add that I did not mention to some affect from my review of the first chapter
12/19/2022 c1 dreaddragonknight
Solid first chapter but a feels very fast or rushed. So some suggestions, maybe imply or have Coulson talk about more then one freak storm in the same area over some time both in talking to Fury and explaining it to Thor and Loki. Maybe give an explanation of how Evie doesn't know who at least Thor is considering the battle of New York clearly happened and was widely talked about on the News, Vernon at the very least would characteristically talk about it if nothing else then to claim its hogwash or complain about Americans or something like that.
12/5/2022 c23 5The Geeky Folkteller
You are forgiven... for now...
12/5/2022 c22 The Geeky Folkteller
Oh, piss off with that. You didn't have to get rid of Sirius nad make him out to be a bad guy to give Tony the new roll of Godfather.
12/3/2022 c28 Guest
Did Dumbledore send Hermione there?
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