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5/11 c18 Sakb
Arya you had the ability to try to get back to Sansa or Jon, your family, and you abandoned them to go train with the faceless men. Your vengeance was more important to you than family so you really have no room to talk about how Rickon doesn't see you as family anymore or to demand answers that you, yourself, are unwilling to give.
5/10 c18 3suppes1
Nice chapter I'm enjoying this story
4/8 c17 lrobinson01
Great update
4/4 c17 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
2/14 c16 lrobinson01
I hope Arya keeps an open mind. Great update.
2/1 c4 Guest
Draging Sansa with him might be a goodidea. If only to keep an eye on her.!
2/1 c16 featherdusterpixie
thank you for the update!
i love that rickon is alive.
2/1 c16 denolotdn
Another good chapter.
1/19 c7 15nagiten
so he has both longclaw and blackfrye? can he dual wield like ser dayne?
nice chapter great story
12/2/2020 c15 denolotdn
Great toqe the continuation of this story, will keep my eye out for more!
11/19/2020 c15 25Seldin
This fluffy chapter is like an oasis of tenderness in the harsh desert of life... They're sooo cute together. And I like the "mounting the dragon" stuff, it's a thing I can picture Daenerys saying. Keep on writing like that :)

And may the Force be with you, my region is the most infected of my country, so I can relate to your stress...
11/18/2020 c15 Samos39
11/18/2020 c15 HartleySkarsgard
A nice bit of fluff : )
11/17/2020 c15 19redlox2
oops thanks for the update! we appreciate it! will we see Arya redeemed?
10/21/2020 c14 lrobinson01
Great update
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