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7/10/2020 c12 Guest
Poor Rickon, I feel for the kid. The Northern Lords need to get their shit together.
7/10/2020 c12 2tfranco9
Yay! I love this one too! I came by one of your stories by accident, The Raven Remorse, and I fell in love immediately! I read all of them! I love them all! They are amazing! Second coming is probably my favorite but I love all of them! Pleaaaaaaase keep them coming! I need more of your stories! They make me love Got again after that horrible horrible end that I will never get over! So please keep making me happy again! Thanks for the amazing stories!️
6/1/2020 c11 lrobinson01
I have always liked Kinvara
5/23/2020 c11 Guest
I like
5/23/2020 c11 mikanMD
I hope that somehow being around Jon and the golden company someone actually taught Dany how to fight and hold her own with and without a sword
5/23/2020 c10 mikanMD
Jae is too cute for this world
5/22/2020 c11 3suppes1
5/21/2020 c8 mikanMD
I feel you, them ZOOM lectures sure don’t help with the procrastination
5/21/2020 c7 mikanMD
Oh Rickon under Dany’s guide, Sansa will have a hard time trying anything then xD
5/21/2020 c6 mikanMD
Is it only Jon or can Dany also do that appearing thingy?
5/21/2020 c5 mikanMD
Ned truly alway choose the wrong option
5/21/2020 c4 mikanMD
Sansa will have to learn not to mess with a dragon soon or later xD
5/21/2020 c2 mikanMD
The power within him is strong... xD
5/10/2020 c10 Guest
I like
5/10/2020 c10 winter1990
I love this story so much! Really well written ;) please please update soon!
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