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for Rising of the Cute Shield

14h c19 1tsun
funny story.
20h c11 2dirtrevor
I'm not sure what the stats for Aultcry are from. I know it's from a game but I don't believe I've heard of it.
1/12 c19 Jajo Camello
Pretty good story but I do wonder who order the assassination of Maple? We know it involves royalties but who specifically? The king was on positive term with her compared to canon. That would mean either the queen or the princesses. The other theory is that the church forged a letter using the kings signature. If that's the case than technically the king can get them for treasonous acts.
1/9 c19 Renaxan
Very good fanfic that well portraited the king attitude of shield hero

Maple is always cute
1/8 c19 5FORD B
Both of these are awesome animes! Great crossover!
1/8 c11 FORD B
Lonely King of the Hill would have been a better idea.
1/6 c19 Briana Booth
Just devoured this whole fic in 24 hours. Loved it! You have perfectly captured the grimness of the Sheild Hero world, as well as the effect Mapel's positive attitude and sheer CHAOS has upon it. I enjoyed the cameo's of Nao, Raph, and Filo. I had wondered if you were going to make Raphtalia or Filo be Mapel's companion, but I like the way you did it better. I would say that there are a number of typos in your writing, and a few places where the writing feels clunky or confusing, so if you don't have a proofreader you might consider that. However you do plot and subterfuge better than I ever could and your battle scenes are well detailed and easy to follow. You are doing awesome keep it up!
1/6 c19 magitechxinc
Absolutely wonderful! I love that Rishia is also a minmaxer! Such a great story, I'm terribly excited for the next installment!
1/6 c18 magitechxinc
Nice! I like Rishia joining, I wasn't expecting that!
1/6 c17 magitechxinc
Amazing! I live how well you know the King's character! It's so cool!
1/6 c16 magitechxinc
Man! I simply adore how you've utilized the King, it's absolutely wonderful!
1/6 c15 magitechxinc
I love the Saint Bread details, it's really cool that it would naturally gift Maple's personal traits to others.
1/6 c19 13creativesm75
good fic
1/5 c14 magitechxinc
I love how impractical her pragmatism is.
1/5 c13 magitechxinc
I love how precious all these children are.
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