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for On the Wings 2: Absolving All Absolutions

6/12 c16 RobinRedoe
Sigh. I done reading and a little sad it's over. But I really enjoyed this story.
Nice touch, getting Face and Amy together.
Thanks for writing this lovely story. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
6/12 c15 RobinRedoe
Of course, I haven't read the first draft, but it's so nice that your husband helped to work on it. To me, this chapter seems perfect, but yes, I can understand why it would be a difficult one to write.
It seems everyone's dream was coming true. The only thing that slightly surprised me was the fact that Face wanted to stay too. I wouldn't have second thoughts with Hannibal, but Face always gave me the idea he didn't want that kind of life anymore. And just ultimately settle down too in a lovely home. But, this is your universe in the end, and I had a chuckle when he gave Murdock his kiss, haha. I must admit I was beaming the whole time while reading the chapter until Stockwell walked in. LOL.
(I guess I always sort of wanted the team to have a happy ending, so thank you for writing it).
6/12 c14 RobinRedoe
Ahhhhh that cliffhanger! I need to read more. This chapter is full of building excitement.
First the detour, then the arrival and checking if the papers are okay. Next, the moment in which Ace had to switch to plan B last minute. Nice! And the way they smooothly cornered Stockwell. Nice again! haha. Next chapter please.
6/11 c13 RobinRedoe
Gosh, I really enjoyed the part with B.A. Again, nailing the characters, but also the dialog.
The emotions and then the small banter of the guys. And the smart bit of (misunderstood) Parker-sarcasm by Face.
6/11 c12 RobinRedoe
Drunken Ace is funny, and now I'm super curious to read more. Fearing the worst for B.A
Another great one! Need to
6/11 c11 RobinRedoe
Another great chapter, and... poor Murdock getting the flue too.
I love the introduction of every so curious Amy. Always liked her character and I like that you added her to the story.

Onwards to read more.
6/11 c10 RobinRedoe
This chapter was so good. I love how you can keep long dialog / conversations going without them getting boring. The 10 questions between Face and Murdock is one of them that I enjoyed reading.

Had a laugh at the "You've just gone from 'Best Man' to 'Worst Man' in about five seconds flat, pal!"

And then the unexpected judge. Funny and witty.
Time for the next chapter ;)
6/7 c9 RobinRedoe
Gosh, another great chapter with a lovely ending. “Roger that”, haha. Good one.
I’m so excited to read on and find out if the plan is gonna work out. The conversation with Amy was written out so well too. I think you’ve nailed these characters to the point. :D
6/7 c8 RobinRedoe
I finally sat down to catch up on this great story. I enjoy reading it and all the details you’re adding” (backside S-es in the sky, a suspicious case of nausea combined with tight jeans, a plan to get the pardons, and I just love the fact that Hannibal went auditioning after all, haha).
4/20 c7 RobinRedoe
Another excellent and entertaining chapter. Wow! And a long one too with lots of interesting storylines from our different characters.
I love how you nailed each of them, as well as the dialog.
I'm curious where this story is heading. Had a laugh at your 'puns' in the after-sex scene between H.M & A.J.
And B.A's remark about driving as fast away as he can from Murdock was kinda sweet. Poor Hannibal and his lost carreer. I could almost feel his longing to play the monster again. It wouldn't be the same without him.

Ready for more.
3/31 c5 RobinRedoe
HAHA, gosh, the visuals you’re creating. I had a genuine laugh about this chapter. Hannibal making a bit of a miscalculation there. He could’ve know though. It’s Murdock after all.
And then Face going for it all the way. Yep, he’s on the mend alright.
Great chapter again with lots of laughs and great writing. Poor B.A though. He was having a bit of a bad moment, but I’m glad he warmed up again.
3/29 c4 RobinRedoe
Another fun chapter that really made me grin at times. You’re great at visualizing the situation for the guys and lady. And that nurse! She’s had a rough night with the gang, haha.
Very good!
3/27 c3 RobinRedoe
Another great chapter.
The situation you created is both hilarious and entertaining, but you manage to keep the tension around Face’s situation. Loving it! Face’s delirium made me laugh. Trying to hit on A.J.
He just can’t help himself. It looks like Hannibal finally enters the story.
I hope to find time to read more soon.
3/27 c2 RobinRedoe
Very entertaining once again.
I enjoy the introduction of your character A.J., and feel she’s a great addition to the story.
She seems the perfect partner for Murdock. Once again, I loved the dialogue and the way you let Murdock get side-tracked during conversations. Very much in character, I think.
Great writing once more. Keeping me on the edge of my seat.
3/27 c1 RobinRedoe
Fiiiinally, I found some time and courage to start this story. (I kept postponing it because I really want to sit back and enjoy this kind of stories, especially when I see that they’re so well-written).
And no disappointment there. I was instantly entertained. Your dialogues are so good, and you seem to capture Murdock’s ‘twang’, which I enjoy reading. The storyline is building up nicely. I’m excited to read more. Thanks for sharing your story here.
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