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9/21 c2 12Koren Flashblade
I am fighting tears, its so heart wrenching that a little Rey thought that Mondo would leave the little guy just like she was. I want to know what is reaction is going to be, so I hope you update soon.
9/19 c2 Christopherprime22
I hope you come back to this, you handled Rey as a child very well. It's cute to hear her way of rationalizing things in a clever but childish ways. And her meeting with the child was adorable.
6/10 c2 1MelodyJones410
Please please update! Love this story so far
6/8 c2 11Pidgeapodge
I absolutely love this. I love how energetic and sweet Kid!Rey is, and how she immediately adopts the Child. You are very talented at telling this through her eyes, and I am excited to see where this goes!

The narration and Rey's dialogue are seriously well-written and organic, great job! :D
5/15 c2 4Le055Li0n
I love this so far.
4/24 c2 3SpaceTime1969
This is a fascinating story idea. I'm just imagining Din going around and adopting force sencitive kids until he has an entire clan of Jedi-Mandolorians.
4/20 c2 3MidKnightMoonglow99
Great job as of this time. A rather entertaining and interesting story you’ve made here.

Best hopes for it continuing onward.
Good luck.
4/12 c2 Guest
This is pretty great! Kid rey is pretty cute, and I can’t wait for their future adventures!
3/15 c2 3Apex Primus
This is honestly one of the most adorable fics I've ever read.
Kid!Rey is absolutely adorable, from her mindset to her antics, and especially how she perceives the Force.
I can't wait to see where the story leads!
3/6 c2 Juxshoa
I need more of this...adorableness!
2/25 c2 4Spartastic 4
Usually don’t read Sequel fics since none of them seem interesting but this one... has caught my eye... Let’s see if this is the way
2/21 c2 iZuikaku
Maybe a secret Mandalorian Empire with state of the art weaponry would be a good fit to add to this story, a third faction of sorts.
2/19 c1 Mike
This doesn’t add up. A Mandalorian warrior never abandons a child, and Mando would never leave the child that he fought to protect. And wouldn’t the Guild protect him if he was in battle? Mandalorians seem to always protect other Mandalorians. And why would Rey find the Razor Crest? Scavengers like the ones who found Clone Trooper CT-6116 or “Kix” would tear apart a ship like the Razor Crest for parts. Doesn’t seem to make any logical sense.
2/18 c2 4PrincessStarberry
Oh my goodness, this is adorable! Poor little Rey-she wants to belong, and feel loved so badly-and this precious green one is so full of love for everyone (except those who are mean to him), and he does indeed bring joy to all around him. Also, Din-his still, quiet, reassuring way is so comforting-and yeah, he needs to take her-and then go track down Finn!
2/18 c2 SmileSimplify
Ch 2
My heart hurts for Rey. TT

This clan of two just became a clan of three even if “Droid-man” and Rey don’t realize it yet. Lil green bean probably knows though. ;) Rey is going to be such a good big sister for Bean. And Rey won’t be alone now... and she has stumbled onto her new family. :)
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