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2/28 c2 natylogar1
I truly hate the damsel in distress act. Especially when used as a device to make a potential couple get closer. it's like admitting that there wouldn't be a possibility of interaction if not for being indebted one to another
2/15 c1 atlasvallee26
Its really cool to find this fanfiction here. It has a sequel posted on AO3 that i had found and read originally, but to find this, the start to Tina and Alastor’s story, makes a little part of me happy. I highly suggest checking out the sequel to this on AO3 if you enjoyed this, I’ll post the title and author when I remember
7/20/2023 c7 Guest
dear old daddy! you got me
7/20/2023 c4 Guest
furby piano, im dying. those things are literaly from hell
7/19/2023 c3 Guest
you got husker's character perfectly hahaha
4/9/2022 c1 Joss
Interesting idea.
11/9/2021 c3 Leafglow
So far, this has been WONDERFUL
11/8/2021 c8 3DragonSoulofFire
This last chapter almost broke me i swear i thought she died. And i was still upset man i wanted to see the lovey, corney, marriage bits
5/29/2021 c8 1Bug Man 2017
I want to start by saying how well written this story is. Every single character feels right and Tina is in-depth, flawed and sharp enough to be the star of the show. She matches wits with Alasor really well and I love their friendship. You mentioned that Alastor was hard to write but you did a fantastic job of making a charming, cannibalistic serial killer.
I was then going to say what a pleasure it was to read a story about a fake wedding where the main characters don't fall in love but instead, you had it happen in what felt like a very natural way so I can't complain there. All in all, a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with the world.
5/2/2021 c8 Luc1f3r M0rn1ngstar
This is honestly the greatest hazbin hotel stories I’ve ever read. Not only was your OC rather interesting and dare I say awesome, but your plot, the settings, and you staying true to the characters were all excellent and well done. I congratulate you and hope that you continue doing what your doing.
2/20/2021 c8 Vorsith
This is going into my favorites. This delicious piece of work...I'm at a loss. I love this story. I just love it.
*Thunderous applause*
12/20/2020 c8 8Xielle Sky
Goddamn that was beautiful! Everyone felt so real and it makes me a little sad how it ended on a bitter note. I know you just ended this but, would you make a sequel if the series finally started rolling? Tina is just wonderful, she feels real and she fucking grows. Accept my digital love and thanks!
12/9/2020 c8 xXNightcorequeeN
OMG That was a beautiful ending. My heart aches for Al, I just wish for more!
12/3/2020 c8 leyte07
Wonderful story, what a great job, it was a pleasure to read it from beginning to end
11/13/2020 c8 BeOurGuest
I really really love this story. Its short but the chapters are long enough to make you feel satisfied. I like that you don't completely disregard the fact that Alastor is Asexual whether it be by forcing his character into sex or pretending it doesn't exist for the sake of the plot, I like that his Asexuality actually becomes the forefront of an issue in his relationship with Tina that she actually tries to respect .The OC Tina doesn't sit down and take disrespect and it makes her feel all the more real, she laughs, she cries and most importantly she grows. In short the ending reminds of The Great Gatsby with Alastor being Mr. Gatsby being Alastor investing a house across the bay or in this case the Hazbin Hotel hoping that Daisy in this case Tina will eventually wander in.
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