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2/18 c8 AvengingDemonSpawn666
Great story, I loved it. Could you please do a short on how Harry met the Cullens?
1/27 c8 Linda
12/18/2020 c8 Elfin69
great ending. With Harry being there, will he glamour them or give them a piece of jewelry that makes it so that they actually look like they are aging and that they don't have to worry about sparkling on sunny days.
12/18/2020 c5 Elfin69
does Harry actually realise what they are doing and just ignoring it or does he not realise the hints she is dropping
12/18/2020 c4 Elfin69
sounds like Hermione and the others are not going to make it easy on Edward to get Harry back. maybe Bella's conversation could have been heard by others and then get around the school.
12/5/2020 c8 sjrodgers23
hank you
11/1/2020 c2 Flora fairy
10/17/2020 c8 tasyadewi16
Can't wait for next update ~
10/17/2020 c8 Sarahamanda Klaine
I like this chapter. It is a good chapter. Please update soon.
10/17/2020 c8 5Azalea Lily Potter
Next chapter please.
10/15/2020 c8 stacyleedam25
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
10/15/2020 c8 Qtsarahanne
Great new chapter, thank you.
10/14/2020 c4 reptoholic
make him grovel
10/14/2020 c3 reptoholic
10/14/2020 c2 reptoholic
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