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for Goodness Over Beauty

2/11 c1 Darth Nominatis
Maybe on chapter 2 of the pj masks fanfic restore the realms, you could have Gecko chase Luna Girl through the streets but they both stopped when they saw a bunch of trash cans in a pile and when they got the cans back up they saw Owlette on the ground unconscious and both Gecko and Luna Girl decided to make a truce and help Owlette back to health, is that a good start?
2/9 c1 44Countess Eliza
Anatole and Sonya are an interesting ship. When it comes down to it, up I do like it. Personally, I kinda ship Dolokhav and Sonya, but at the same time he and Helene. Yeah, I have a lot of ships. I love the reference to Natasha and Pierre. Those two... So pure. Love the reference to Marya. Yup, I can see her as a PE teacher. And how the prince (what's his name?) is the French teacher, because you know. He wants to marry a cheap French thing. (That's pretty sexist, dude) and how Helene says that he's insane. I loved all the references. I'm interested to see where this goes!

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