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for Death's Chosen

7/30 c5 slowdownV2
alternate chapter title is a 10/10
7/7 c23 Rayga
damn Balthazar is such a good OC
one of the best Ive seen in dxd fanfic site
perfect mix of sarcastic comedian, bro homie and dangerous badass
5/16 c10 Guest
Why not have tiamat save Asia she's your fucking servant
4/10 c31 1Rio's fanfiction
Which app you use to write your fiction, please. And I will be waiting for your next chapter . I will be waiting for your answer.
4/10 c29 SHWAT
So, another time Death pops up to convert a Chosen. Is this going to happen each time? He/she almost dies, meets Death, gets a sermon, comes to life again.
4/10 c22 SHWAT
Yeah, no. These scenes are so stretched out with mindless blabber that I have to skip through a lot to feel any sense of progress...
4/10 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
"It's not going to be a story where (random thing)"

You lied, it absolutely is that type of story.
4/9 c13 SHWAT
I am dropping. These scenes are dragging on for so long because of MC's unwillingness to act. He first has a monologue/dialogue with dragon then articulates them for the others before taking any action. The pace feels like dragging something through mud. I scrolled through more than half of the chapter, only to see that Raynare hadn't yet made an appearance. Agony filled him when he saw Asia's dead body? The reaction was kinda lukewarm still though, wasn't it?
4/9 c7 SHWAT
Not going in ther cuzplot!
If only something was wrong about sending someone to a place with a murky unholy supernatural vibe and then fcking off...
3/31 c31 FrowningVulcan
Dude this is one of the shitposts I actually like so pls don't stop writing cus damn I can't get enough. I'm still curious to see who is the red dragon emperor but otherwise good work man
3/18 c31 ShepardsShadow
I really like how you handled Riser here, a lot of people make him into a one dimensional bad guy so I appreciated you fleshing out his character and motives.
3/16 c11 Jaaziah
Dude you did the testament of the sister devil I'm very happy
3/16 c16 1Dragon Bone Z
Reading this chapter has me baffled. Is Achilles the servant of Dionysus or Hermes? One sentence stated Servant of Dionysus duking it out with Servant of Artemis and the next had Zeus talking about Hermes has Achiless as his Servant.

Which is it man?
3/15 c11 someUntel
the fool and Death. fitting!
3/15 c31 Ravel Phoenix
Chapter 31:
This Sister Griselda and Kokabiel "pairing" is new to me, I mean, haven't seen this in every other fanfics I read. I let out a 'oh' when I saw this.
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