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6/14 c24 1Insane Wombat
All I think about Raz is Super Shenron.


"You're too big to be reality." size.
6/10 c25 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
6/9 c25 Guest
love it
6/10 c25 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
6/9 c25 2Mo Eazy
Well so far I haven’t felt the need to glance at the chapter so you’re doing fine so far. How you handle the things taking place outside will decide if I like this arc or not. I have read more than a few “smart Riser” battles against Rias and her Peerage. I think I would have preferred Issei against Riser, considering how different that would be.

Despite being in character, this Issei is also very different, powers aside. I am also hoping this thing with Amaterasu will actually throw things off enough we don’t have to deal with a wedding scene. I hate that scene so much.
6/9 c25 Ravel Phoenix
Chapter 25:
Actually, the Rating game system will retire someone if the system senses someone is about to die or retires them instantly if they are fatally injured and all that spears going through the neck, gut and heart is LNs is impossible. Well, this is a FF so who am I to comment.

And, I was right in disliking this Amaterasu because she's a bitch. But now I hope she dies and I think Death will be coming because he made a rule that no Gods should approach Issei.

And I disagree with you that Riser's character progression is one of the best in DxD because this Arc and the Riser Arc from DX DxD or those short stories and his appereance before Rias v Sairaorg Rating Game in the LNs are the only scenes where he appeares and there isn't much progression to begin with because he just stopped being a asshole and arogant shit to everyone. But I respect your opinion so yeah.

Thanks for the update tho.
6/9 c25 FateBurn
Good chapter
6/9 c25 NoaRien
Great job I loved it
6/9 c25 Uday Sra
6/9 c25 2ahmeddmotazz
That's one plot twist, Danzy. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Ah, and I like DxD: Fates Forged. Stay healthy.
6/9 c25 MaximusMJ
Hey, I really like your fanfic. One question tough: In the latest chapter, you mention that Issei received a natural gift from atalanta... Did I miss something, or did she now also become a servant to Issei? Could you explain that?
6/9 c25 1GreekfanFT
This view on how the RG goes is literally gold! Completely different than the original, but believably so because of how your story has progressed so far!

That said, I don't think Rias will lose this. Yubelluna might be strong, but she's no Akeno and this time she doesn't have a Phoenix tear to revitalize herself.

So, with all of her servants in prime condition, I believe that Rias and Issei have a chance to win this, if a little bit on the very difficult side of things. Riser is strong, after all.

See you next time, mate!
6/9 c25 Xealchim
Amasan is rude, she didnt even knock first lol
6/9 c25 11Sultan Asil Arslan
OK. I normally like Amaterasu but now I want her to die.
6/9 c25 12dad90
Uh-oh! Amaterasu and Tamano have arrived! I have a feeling that something BAD is going to happen! CANNOT WAIT for the evil twist coming in!
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