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5/16 c23 MythiccKnight
I'm desperately hoping for a tiamat or raynare lemon soon, raynare preferably now that I think about it since she has a whole lot of emotion to vent and I can think of one way raynare could wrap up her redemption arc and vent on issei at once.
5/16 c23 The Wolf Paladin
I just have one issue with this chapter and it is a continuity issue : more specificaly the amount of Pawns Rias had left before the end of this chapter.

We didn’t see how many Pieces Rias used for Asia but it is easy to assume that it was either a Bishop like in canon or its equivalent in Pawns so 3 pawns due to Twilight healing.
We know that Raynare took 2 Pawns.
So Rias had 3 pawns left not 4.

Other than that Rias’s chances have improved although the use of her new Servants could be a political nightmare so she might not be able to use Kuroka and Atalanta.

Otherwise well Kuroka alone should bring enough firepower to make it a lot easier fir Rias’s team.
On top of that there is Atalanta who might be nerfed a lot since she litterarly has no NP since her bow was taken, her prayer won’t be answered and the boar was erased but she still is a Servant with a lot more experience.
Oh there is Raynare too i guess : super effective damage is neat i suppose.
5/9 c22 4father of humanity
increíble capitulo, sigue así y demuestra ser uno de los mejores escritores de dxd.
5/9 c22 10Scrumblenut
That’s definitely Issei’s style: save a girl who tries to kill him because she’s cute... as well as the other reasons. Even if she is to be executed, Issei did what he could with Raz. I have a feeling that Kuroka would pull through, her power and will enough to fight. Looking forward to more. Take care and stay safe
5/8 c22 Guest
love it
5/8 c22 Guest
Ayeee my guy Danzy wassup bro? How are you?
5/8 c22 3OechsnerC
Well that was a awesome chapter. Really enjoyed reading it. Wonder how things will go next chapter. Looking forward to your next update.
5/8 c22 Fadingspace710
Hey if this is how I'm bribed I'm a'ok with it.
5/8 c22 1GreekfanFT
The fight lasted one chapter and a half... but it was cool as fuck! (I'm not good with rhymes...:( )

Anyway, It's a good thing you didn't split this in two chapters, 'cause it'd have killed us from the anticipation alone! Now we can be patient for the Rating Game to come and see how awesome you made it!

Not to mention what'll happen to Kuroka and Atalanta... I've no doupt that the cursed wounds will be cured, but I don't know for how long the duo will be affected, considering that the wounds were by an essentially God-Class curse.

Issei's growth, mental or otherwise, is as ridiculously fast as his cannon one, which confirms my belief that he has absurd potential by birth. Maybe even more ridiculously fast, since he defeated an opponent that noone from the ORC and even Kuroka could match in any way. Even if said opponent was injured and fatigued from her previous fights. What I'm getting at is I can hardly wait for the Rating Game and what Isse will be able to show in it than in cannon!
5/8 c22 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
5/8 c22 SuperSurvivor2004
This a bribe from the god himself. Well can't ignore it and won't decline it
5/8 c22 Mr.Oddly
Loved the chapter man. And looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with Atalanta. Hopping for her to join in the harem shenanigans since she deserves some love. Either way stay frosty and I’ll be looking forward to the next chapter
5/7 c22 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
5/7 c22 NoaRien
Great job loved it
5/7 c22 MythiccKnight
Tiamat is best girl and must get the next lemon, also fight scenes are notoriously hard to write so I'm happy to say this fight was a banger looking forward to the next chapter as always.
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