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6/23 c26 akd48
I don't get what's wrong but Amateraru shouldn't be so impulsive according to the anime canon. She isn't so arrogant to just crash into a devil rating game that is happening in underworld. As Kyoto youkai don't have a proper relationship with devil faction
6/21 c26 Kushmeister420
Thanks for the updates! I finally have got some breathing room again after being finished with most of my exams. I really enjoy reading this rating game arc so far. Raynare being a sadistic bitch was also interesting to read. Curious to find out what you've got in store for her regarding character development. Issei casually beating Riser's servants was also interesting to read. I didn't expect that Amaterasu would casually interrupt the rating game. Ples no Nyatalanta death :(. Fluff for the fluff god? Wouldn't mind Tamamo becoming Issei's adorable fox. Really looking forward to a reading a mad Issei. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work! Cheers!
6/21 c26 Shadow Crimson KyuubiAcnoligia
Love the story can't wait until next update
6/21 c26 Anobuthix
Will there be a plot point in the future where Ophis finds out that the big dragon, whom she is now very curious about, resides inside of Issei?
6/20 c26 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really looking forward to reading more.
6/20 c8 SparrowWriter2
Alternate Alternate Title: Issei’s life just got a whole lot harder…
6/20 c6 SparrowWriter2
“that famous ninja show. One Piece or sumthen.”

There are so many people who are going to be offended by that statement… so many.
6/20 c26 2Mo Eazy
“Enchantment!” - The true hero of DA.

Wow, Amaterasu is a biotch.

Don’t have much to say, interested in seeing what happens. Especially international/dimensional consequences. Pretty sure this is a huge problem if it gets out, especially since they’ve got a lot of evidence here. They could seriously hang the Shinto up by the balls for this one if they wanted.

I mean I don’t know how powerful the pantheons are in respect to the devils, but I’m pretty sure canon wise the Sirzechs by himself or with one other Satan could kick her shit in. She did just take his sister hostage after all, when she threatened to incinerate her if Issei didn’t show himself. Them’s fighting words for Issei and especially Sirzechs, Issei’s relationship with Rias aside.

Unless Death shows up and just puts everyone in time out and tells them to get over it and move on. A scenario more ironic than I originally thought, actually.

Still, I like Issei with his warface on.
6/20 c26 2GM10
All according to cake.
Pervy nice guy now is Pissed off pervy guy, and he is going to kick some godly ass... I-In the future, not right now.
6/20 c26 Mr. Shang
Ah yes, all according to keikaku. I loved this chapter, Danzy. I need to see the next one, but anyway, see ya.
6/20 c26 shadow wolf sage
half tempted to ask you to add Amaterasu and tamamo to the harem. tamamo seems like a fun character. and Amaterasu IS one of the major deities to Issei's native people. so maybe have him "put the fear of god" in the goddess so to speak. It's your choice in the end though.
6/20 c26 11Sultan Asil Arslan
I know you're trying to portray as the shits they are. But damn do I hate gods in this fic! Wanna see how much Tsukuyomi and Susanoo make fun of her when Amaterasu lose with a literal handicap! This fic pretty much proves Kratos' point in God of War 4. There are no 'good' gods.
6/20 c26 1GreekfanFT
Fights may not be your cup of tea, but you did well displaying what happened to everyone actually fighting.

Amaterasu's appearance isn't unexpected, since you foreshadowed it, and her actions depict what Death despises.

Tamano is adorable, yes! I don't know what you have intended for the next chapter, but I don't think she and Issei will finish their fight.

Rias beimg the most sensible one out of all the Devils in the Dimension is a little surprising, considering she acts on her feelings all the time. But, I guess, having a Goddess and her Chosen as opponents makes her rethink her potential actions.

Atalanta trying to play hero isn't surprising either, but she should have expected a foul play from Amaterasu, since she has experience with Gods and Goddesses.

Issei finally understands that he has to play a little rougher, if he wants to cleanse the bad from the world.

As for the surprising appearances on the next chapter, I think it's Bennia and her companion (I forgot his name). I think it has to do with Death and Hades having a meeting, but I'm not totally sure.

Anyway, great chapter, mmate ! See you on the next one!
6/20 c26 MythiccKnight
...so amaterasu is gonna die, also loving cocky and sadistic Raynare, still waiting on her lemon btw I will Stan Raynare till I die, and obv. death and Hades next chapter should be very fun
6/19 c26 Xealchim
DA2 story was great just wish the game wasnt rushed Q.Q
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