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6/19 c26 Ravel Phoenix
Chapter 26:
Another cliffhanger, I'm getting a little mad over here.

You're saying that fighting scenes aren't your forte point but I say they are what they need to be. Not too much but not too little either, it's perfect, with a little bit of sarcasm here and there and funny moments.

Can't wait for the next chapter tho.
6/19 c26 10Scrumblenut
Definitely chaotic. That’s for sure. It does feel more realistic that way, like you said. I almost feel sorry for Amaterasu, would actually be sorry if she wasn’t such a stuck up prick. She’s gonna get what’s coming alright. Take care and stay safe.
6/19 c26 Guest
love it
6/19 c26 FateBurn
Good chapter
6/19 c26 NoaRien
Great job loved it
6/19 c26 SpartanKing J
So what would the rest of the Shinto faction say on this, is what I wonder.
6/19 c26 37Angel Arcano92
So next chapter our boi. gonna get some top waifu as a victory prize? noice!
6/19 c26 ThePhenoix11
Annnnd sun bitch go boom.
6/19 c26 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
So Amaterasu is royally screwed...good to know.
6/19 c26 tjboomer83
Well this is turning out great. I am hoping that issei gets tamo after the fight. A new rival for rias and asia to take on for best girl. That and she would pair well with akeno.
6/14 c24 1Insane Wombat
All I think about Raz is Super Shenron.


"You're too big to be reality." size.
6/10 c25 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
6/9 c25 Guest
love it
6/10 c25 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
6/9 c25 2Mo Eazy
Well so far I haven’t felt the need to glance at the chapter so you’re doing fine so far. How you handle the things taking place outside will decide if I like this arc or not. I have read more than a few “smart Riser” battles against Rias and her Peerage. I think I would have preferred Issei against Riser, considering how different that would be.

Despite being in character, this Issei is also very different, powers aside. I am also hoping this thing with Amaterasu will actually throw things off enough we don’t have to deal with a wedding scene. I hate that scene so much.
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