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for Twilight in Seattle

2/26 c12 1Sandy2348
Loved this!
2/21 c12 twi nana
wowed again.. on to the sequel
2/21 c11 twi nana
boom...and B is dying...
2/21 c10 twi nana
wow, great chapter
2/21 c9 twi nana
2/21 c8 twi nana
great advice Miss Maggie
2/21 c7 twi nana
lol all the way around
2/21 c6 twi nana
again I adore how this is moving along...well done
2/21 c5 twi nana
great chapter!
2/21 c4 twi nana
great paci, wow Oxford in 4 years!
2/21 c3 twi nana
well then, lol
2/21 c2 twi nana
2/21 c1 twi nana
great start, love all of the ooc
4/2/2021 c1 15Ptool
Looking good, enjoying your story and your style.

Off to keep reading now.

6/23/2020 c10 it's simply me n you
Good work in surgery. Too bad she’s getting sick
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