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for A bunch of Smut

9/4 c1 Im Kat
I love story hope read more
9/2 c2 Guest
Please make more of this. This is great, I have never thought of Voldemort x lily before.
7/23 c2 3wolfey141
I would love a harry turned into a girl. not born but turned. then is either gets together with hermione or is mindbroken and enslaved by voldemort or a death eater
2/4 c1 3weirdhead
You can really use femslash scenes of mom and daughter
2/4 c2 weirdhead
Well, you could have turn Neville into a girl; but those kind of smut are kinky. You can send Violet to Hogwarts, thus making all bend to the dark lord
2/3 c1 1cruel vamp
Good job. Can't wait for more of your work
2/3 c1 1Flamer-butterb1
I came so hard this is so good
2/2 c1 Green-Silver-Ravenclaw

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