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12/13/2022 c4 27Bokunoherogamer
This is great the debuffs make sense it’s not power leveling I love it.
10/10/2022 c4 Guest
Al respecto de este capítulo me siento mal solo BOI a desir algo me está gustando pero como que algo de este fick me sienta mal
9/20/2022 c8 gokulegana5v
This story is very good, that's why I ask you if you will continue it?
9/19/2022 c8 gokulegana5v
bro will you continue the story?
7/7/2022 c8 Ernesto Camacho
translate spanish to english
bro esta historia tiene potencial sería bueno si la actualizaras. Y que la fuerza te acompañe.
1/27/2022 c8 brad2242
i hope to see the next chapter soon
12/6/2021 c8 3Ssjmj
Goku on his way to getting better treatment best fanfic
12/3/2021 c8 IchigoASO
when is ch9 coming out!
12/3/2021 c7 IchigoASO
fun fact about me and goku. as kids we both took could eat 15k colories a day and not gain weight! I got kicked out of buffet all the time as a 5 yr old for eatting so much. The largeset total food i ate at a buffet would have cost about 200 usd to make for a non bulk buyer!
12/2/2021 c6 IchigoASO
In short the puma would be a ranger in D&D and likely a rouge or ranger in all RPG systems i can think of based on skills, perk, and stats. also i never hard of the 3 games u based ur system on. can u send a link to something on the them?
11/11/2021 c4 CDBB123
I'm dropping this, I can't force myself to read it anymore. It's not bad, It's just that I came here looking for a Goku gamer fic not Bulma. It would be a blessing if u update the old version tho
11/11/2021 c3 CDBB123
Ngl it's really boring so far. I know that Goku's dumb and all but I would really like to see his pov for at least one chapter. It feels like bulma's the main character while Goku's just a side character, you should've just made her the gamer if that's what you're aiming for.
11/11/2021 c1 CDBB123
I'll be honest. Compared to the old version, this one is quite underwhelming. Not saying it's bad but I prefer the old version for now.
6/26/2021 c2 Shortmike24
hahaha that last bit was great.
4/19/2021 c8 Eid
I don't see the point of the name when the story is about Bulma so far.
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