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12/30/2021 c7 MasterAyaka
Well I guess we’re never gonna see an update for this...
12/7/2021 c2 blueys50
Thanks for the chapter
11/2/2021 c1 2TheSlySage
loved thissss
11/1/2021 c3 TheSlySage
loved this chap
9/26/2021 c7 Eating Upside Down
I really think narrowing the focus of story at the beginning, then slowing broadening the story would have been best here. The rush to cover events such as Yang at the club to meeting Ruby at the shop, only to meet both at Beacon seems unnecessary. Sure it was fun to read, but it’s been tiresome to spend more time with predictable characters rather than the main two we expected to read about.
9/15/2021 c7 javi30
Very good
9/14/2021 c7 Zaneninjacat
love this cant wait for the next update
9/13/2021 c7 4Aiwass crowley
Honestly at the beginning I wasn't sure, I like RWBY, and I love the nasuverse, but almost all crossover fics almost always put team RWBY and any other female character that the author likes as part of Emiya's harem
So seeing a fic where the girls aren't head over heels for him feels refreshing
I really like what you are doing and will wait patiently for the next chapter
If anything I was confused because I didn't know if the change of scenes (?) were in anachronic order
9/5/2021 c1 Argo Devilian
... because his luck is E. my god that is so true
9/5/2021 c7 Six-Pint Samurai
Oh, this story shows so much promise. While it kinda follows the usual FSN crossover tropes, it is quite different from the usual piece which commonly is entirely focused on Emiya's anticsand the choice of main supporting characters is quite unusual. Their development should be very interesting. Almost instant favourite. Thanks for that piece, man!
8/28/2021 c7 LinksRoyal
loving this ! amazing read! also Shirou/Cinder is really nice and I'm looking forward to more!
8/25/2021 c7 UhterPendragon
First thing first... What a great story her from you man I have found it yesterday and have read it all now in 30 min nicely done man... Nicely done
P.S : too the DxD story sounds like a very good idea and is definitely worth a shot... But hey it is your choice to make it in the future...
Hands down for this fanc for Sure
8/25/2021 c7 Jaune Emiya
This story is awesome and the Fate/DxD crossover idea seems to e quite fun too. I look forward to seeing either. Thanks for sharing and update soon!
8/25/2021 c7 yomunot
Well that misunderstanding certainly won't cause friction, nope not at all.

Thanks for the chapter I look forward to reading the next one! As per your up and coming story, I look forward to reading that too!
8/23/2021 c7 808Joker808
Story keeps getting better and better and your writing is just the same. Not saying it was bad to begin with btw. Keep up the good work.
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