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for Star Wars: Will of Beskar

7/22 c1 Misiercorde
I loved ravager a ton, and like how you’re starting this one. I’m seriously shocked no one but you, that I’ve found, shows mandalorians any love as a mc. Please update soon.
7/5 c1 10AlchemyWriter
Hmmm... I liked Ravager the way it was, but it's your story, so if you feel it should be rewritten, then that's your decision. Just, please, tell me that Boba is still going to be his sort-of little brother, because I found that both adorable and nice because it means that Boba won't be alone when he tries to take vengeance against Mace Windu. Would love to see another. chapter!
4/22 c1 ProjectZion
I'm glad your writing another Mandalorian story but can't help but wonder what it was about Ravager you thought needed rewriting, I loved where it was heading with his own clone unit and everything. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more.
4/6 c1 WhineyEmperor89
Good story and would like to see more if you are still working on it, also liked the battle felt like I was actually there. Keep up the great work
3/17 c1 Brezer
you forgot gamers body, that's a big one.
3/17 c1 Brezer
anzat is a bad race to choose. they pretty much serial killers. I mean a sith is bad enough but you can semi blend with a mask but anzat have to kill to survive as in multiple people daily at times...
2/3 c1 Guest
2/3 c1 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
2/3 c1 borgboy0
Love it!

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