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8/12 c1 darkimortal
Ah I thought this story looked familiar, I don't remember why I dropped this in the past but I'm starting to see why.

First off the timeline is all over the place and makes no sense. The scene with Naruto saving Hinata when they were younger should have been around when Naruto was 6, but here he saved her at like 4 because you said it happened Years ago. The bullies are somehow Genin even though they were around 8 when bullying Hinata. That makes no sense because the bullies cease to exist after that scene so they couldn't have been geniuses that could graduate early from the academy or they would have at least been shown as meat shields at some point in the Naruto franchise.

Secondly the conversations between Naruto and Hinata are way to adult sounding in my ears when I read them aloud. It kills the vibe of them being kids. This is why I hate reading stories with little kids being MC's because authors ignore that little kids are basically little alcoholics because they have barely any impulse control and they are still learning the ways of life. Naruto of all people shouldn't have this sort of vocabulary at least not yet if your going for a smarter Naruto.

Thirdly and lastly: These Genin attacking Naruto and Hinata make no sense. You do realize that Genin from Konoha attacking civilians from Konoha would equal them going to jail right? So them attacking these two makes no sense unless they want to go to jail and lose everything. That's not even taking into account they attacked Hinata a second time, The first time I could understand they were snot-nosed brats. The second time however they should have known who Hinata was, because no way the Hyuga clan didn't come and put the fear of god into these three for bullying the young miss.
8/4 c12 SeanHicks4
Interesting fic, I saw a good bit of spelling and grammar issues, especially in the later chapters. The dialogue formatting was a little weird the last couple chapters, a random dash and a name rather than a complete thought to go with the character's line, more like a script or a speech bubble on a story board or a comic/manga panel. The past life idea is pretty interesting though, dont see to many of those outside of crossovers.
7/26 c3 Shifufufd
So Kushina is alive huh...
7/21 c12 supriya700000
chapters are getting shorter
and nice story but one thing sasuke is reincarnation of Indra do you plan to change that?
7/20 c1 WalkersCrown
the premise looks so good too bad its basically a harem... hate them with passion
7/16 c1 blazes207
Love it
7/15 c12 dspendragon125
I'm really liking this story.
7/15 c12 Tomahawk5763
Can’t wait for the next one
7/11 c12 aonimo
Six Paths: Kunitsukami
Asura creates a gigantic chakra avatar, which is powerful enough to do battle with Indra's Complete Body — Susanoo. Asura is able to equip the avatar with Truth-Seeking Balls that can be used as a means of offence, or the avatar can serve as a defensive structure, similar to Indra's Susanoo.
Other Media
In Naruto: Shinobi Collection Shippū Ranbu , the use of this technique was properly explored. Asura has been shown to be able to swell the Chakra Mode Path of Truth Balls and explode them simultaneously, causing a single powerful blast that he can see for miles around.
Naruto demonstrated an ability very similar to Asura's, however during its uses some differences can be seen: the faces present in the cloak are different, there is a necklace of spheres on the neck of Asura's chakra titan, and apparently Naruto takes advantage of the chakra. of his tailed beast transformation while Asura only applies the Power of Six Paths.

After cupping both hands, the user creates a barrier with a large spiralling sphere of chakra inside. The sphere will then split into five smaller versions. After which the user can launch the attack. If the attack collides with another attack, the barrier will take the damage, releasing the five spheres so the attack can continue its path. Upon contact, the spheres will disperse in a fairly large explosion.
In Naruto – Shinobi Collection Shippuranbu, if the outer wind sphere is not broken, the explosive power of the technique will be concentrated in a single point.

Swift Wind Wall 風迅壁 (Fūjinheki)
The user summons a swirling stream of wind, encasing the user and repelling incoming attacks. It can also be expanded to protect others near the user.

Chakra Transfer Technique (Anime only)
Hands of Bonds (Anime only)
Mystical Palm Technique (Anime only)
Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands (Anime only)
Sensing Technique (Anime only)
Six Paths Senjutsu
Top Transformed Buddha (Anime only)
Truth-Seeking Ball

Swirling Tornado
Strikes the ground with a swirling tornado, causing damage. Increases attack power and critical hit rate [Effect: Medium].

Swirling Tornado Barrage
InfoSends forth a swirling tornado, causing a huge amount of damage. Recovers CP.

Ninja Creed: Tough Tetra-Arms
Slashes the enemy with a chakra-cloaked arm, causing damage. Increases the defense and movement speed of allies on the same floor [Effect: Medium]. Increases damage according to number of ally shinobi and summonings on the same floor.

Tornado Defense
Wraps surroundings in wind, inflicting damage. Sets up an area that turns allies invincible for a period of time and makes them immune to status effects for a set period of time. *At Jutsu LVL 8, increases length of time allies cannot be inflicted with status effects.

Circling Tornado
Sends out a tornado, causing damage. Decreases the enemies' CP when user is a defense shinobi. Inflicts enemies with confusion [Effect: Medium], decreases defense [Effect: Medium], and negates stat increases. Sets off traps. *At Jutsu LVL 8, [Medium] changes to [Large].

Six Paths: Five Spheres
Explodes giant Truth-Seeking Balls, causing massive damage. Inflicts enemies with paralysis [Effect: Large], decreases attack [Effect: Large], and decreases Release resistance [Effect: Medium]. Turns allies on the same floor invincible for a period of time. *At Jutsu LVL 8, [Large] changes to [Huge], Release resistance decrease [Medium] changes to [Large], and increased duration of invincibility. Adds the effect "Increases the user's EX Lunge, EX Annihilation, EX Release, EX Manipulate, and EX Impact resistances [Effect: Small]". *At Jutsu LVL 15, [Small] changes to [Medium].

-Naruto: Shinobi Collection Shippū Ranbu
Wind Style: Spiral Sword 風遁・螺旋刀( Fūton: Rasengatana )
After performing the hand seals, the user rotates their chakra , creating a spiral with multiple blades of wind. The technique was initially developed to cut wooden logs and use them as firewood, but over time, Ashura was able to increase his power dramatically, which allowed him to cut through thick tree trunks and even pierce through solid rock. Due to the difficult manipulation of the form, the technique is very unstable and can explode if not used with caution. Over time, Ashura honed his use of this technique to the point where he did not need to use hand seals to perform it.
Other Media
In Naruto: Shinobi Collection Shippū Ranbu , Ashura is able to launch the orb in order to hit distant opponents, exploding on impact.
Since this technique utilizes the highest level of shape transformation , it bears great resemblance to the Rasengan .

Sword: Blade of Wind 一刀・風刃いっとう・ ふうじん (Ittō: Fūjin)
Ashura concentrates chakra into his sword and quickly releases it against the enemy in the form of a small sphere of wind with slashing capabilities.
7/13 c12 Jhenifabray
I'm so glad you're back, I can't wait for the next one
7/13 c12 SPark681
Hmm, seems Naruto recalls yet another jutsu anyway keep up the great work!
7/11 c12 EP
7/12 c12 Naito no Kitsune
As always amazing job! I love reading this story so much that I hate wait for more lol waiting for new chapters is so agitating but I’m willing to wait. Can’t rush greatness!
7/12 c12 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Omg! Awesome!
7/11 c12 5Sankey888Tales
Buddy please update this story more I love this story
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