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2/9/2020 c4 omega9028
powerlisting .fandom wiki/Telekinesis

remove the space
2/8/2020 c5 AshuraNoKami
Awesome story man great work.
2/8/2020 c3 AshuraNoKami
Love the story man. There are 2 nore chapters left for me to read so I don't know if its to late but I hope you do kill Issei.
2/8/2020 c5 1metaltilldeath666
AHAHAHAHAHAH! YES! perfect! I love it! Looking forward to his meetings with the devils now.
Better yet that he said it to a crazy priest! Also looking forward to the fight with Riser now! I hope he doesn't "choke on his own aspirations" lol.
Can't wait to see what his stats and skills are, also looking forward to seeing more this!
Also like that you mentioned Shiro lol
2/8/2020 c5 Acqua OfThe Back
Adiós Freed, fue un gusto conocerte.
2/8/2020 c5 Lq840i
Here’s hoping he corrupted Asia in the future because I’ve yet to see anyone do that and here’s hoping very few girls actually get his love and are basically booty calls/toys

Makes sense granted couldn’t he just screw her without giving the succubus mana due to his control(plus it’d be funny to basically rob a succubus)
2/8/2020 c5 Nayrcon
thanks for the chapter~
i assume that he has multiple classes by this point ? i mean if hes slaughtering over level 200s with a medium strength move then hes mustve maxed a few classes ? either that or you have made no cap for his class level ?
looking forward to finding out
2/7/2020 c4 Acqua OfThe Back
Lo seguiré leyendo a ver como va
2/7/2020 c4 facundovanooteghem
Great story
2/6/2020 c4 MadFrog2000
Why he just didn't rape her to mind break? It would not be hard if she is such a whore.
Okay, one way or another, I hope that MC will be also evil to the other girls. Maybe you will do something like in yxyyxy doujin? This is a Chinese artist who has done several DxD doujinon (Raynare and Highschool GxG) about the evil Issei, who enslaved the girls.
Look for in " hitomi la search html?yxyyxy "
2/6/2020 c4 11The One True Demon Lord
Cool chapter, now all we need is the Jedi Mind Trick, and maybe some Mind Control and we have a budding Sith Lord

Also, if this is the route you are going, can you include Asia? Theres not alot of dark fics that do it

And if hes going to be dark, wpuld that be in personality or power? Because power wise there are plenty of edgy powers

Hellfire manipulation
Black Phenex Fire
Necromancer(dark wolf shiro does this really well)
Dark cleric
Evil Hero
Eldritch Abomination

The choices are endless and im curious where it goes from here

Ps: steal the pervert trios photos and videos, there would be soany blackmail opportunities there

All suggestions, use them or dont, just trying to be helpful
2/6/2020 c4 Nayrcon
thanks for the chapter
2/6/2020 c4 1metaltilldeath666
YES! FORCE CHOKE FOR THE WIN! now we just need a scene with "I find your lack of faith...disturbing"
And of course don't forget what Saitama said "Anyone can throw a rock" Maybe use light poles..or Iron rods that would be dope. Still I enjoyed this chapter and look forward to the next.

I just thought of something that might be cool as a power. (Telekinetic Reinforcement) Reinforcing his body with his Telekinesis so he can use it in a fist fight. Like adding his Telekinesis skill level to damage with his body or weapons he wields.
2/6/2020 c1 Guest
shit story to much text for random shit
2/6/2020 c4 oneoddtodd
great story so far looking forward to reading your next chapter
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