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2/6/2020 c4 Tristan Mabey
perhaps read some imperial-samaB's lemons and DarkWolfShiro's for inspiration?

Or go to machineslicedbread . xyz
They have smut galore.
2/6/2020 c4 Lq840i
Surprised at the rape but I read the dark wolf shiro’s fanfics so no issue but wouldn’t he realizethat he could be traced by his semen regarding magic or just koneko from scent. Also if this is 2 Months before canon well less because 28 days later shouldn’t he focus on stealth so as not get linked with it by the supernatural(make it look like a stray).

Will he be able to disrupt magic circles that I see are needed for every spell in dxd since he can affect and sense mana(if he beats them in a intelligence or wisdom check) therefore making caster types useless like rias,akeno(my least favorite character with koneko 2nd if you wanna know why pm me)sona just about everyone who just spams magic
2/6/2020 c3 Vercingetorix Rex
have you also thought of Divine Dividing?

Vitra which is also an Evil Dragon KIng would also probably make a great choice!
Vitra is divided into several Sacred Gears, three of which are located in Genshirou Saji on Azazel orders during Heroic Oppais Dragon arc, or High School DxD BorN season.

although weaker in terms of powers compared to other dragons, Vritra compensates with a variety of skills:

Power Absorption and Transference: Vritra is capable of absorbing and transferring energy from other beings and objects.

Black Flames: Like most Dragons, Vritra has the ability to breathe and control fire. However, his flames are black in color and much more intense. It is very dense and powerful to the point that it is nearly impossible to dispel or erase it. Loki, a powerful Norse God who is expert in Norse magic and Georg, who is a high class magician as both had a hard time dispelling or erasing it, and in the end, they both failed in doing both.

Curse: Saji has also mentioned that Vritra's black flames have the ability to curse a person as well as a supernatural being's soul for eternity, thereby killing them in the process.

Umbrakinesis: Vritra has the ability to control and manipulate shadows and darkness as is shown in one of his Sacred Gears.

Power Negation: Vritra creates a field in which it can negate the abilities of his targets.

Telepathy: Vritra can somehow telepathically speak through people like Saji, Grendel, Fafnir and Ddraig.

Tentacles: He has an ability to generate tentacles, enabling him to immobilize his enemies. He first demonstrates it in his battle against Yasaka. It also possesses all of his Sacred Gear abilities but mainly his cursed black flames, power negation, as well as power absorption & transference.

Technical Master: According to Azazel and Shemhazai, Vritra is the weakest Dragon among the Five Great Dragon Kings in terms of raw power. However, his wide variety of techniques make up for his lack of raw power with versatility.
2/6/2020 c3 1metaltilldeath666
I just read all chapters as soon as I saw this and I am hoping to see more of this! Hoping to see new skills made that I haven't seen in other Gamer fics. Like making telekinetic blades similar to Protoss Zealot blades or Force Choking people. Never been a fan of the coins though in any fic. Its just an easy way to get items and powers (like making mana clones instead of just pulling straight from naruto) IMO but fuck it do what you want as long since I'll be along for the ride!
2/5/2020 c3 11The One True Demon Lord
You could kill issei, for the hell of it...but only gain a fraction of the boosted gears power, like, stronger than a twice critical, but weaker than the boosted gear...because it has been overdone i think this could be a nice way to be different

If you dont kill him, for christ's sake have him and the perverts arrested...or use their crimes to blackmail the shit out of them, and the girls they took pictures of

Love chaotic evil characters, always thought they truly represented what a human would really do in this situation
2/5/2020 c3 Tristan Mabey
I don't think Ddraig is just going to let you use him as you please.
2/5/2020 c3 Lq840i
I agree leveling isn’t everything it’s the skills, classes, and utility skills that matter like alchemy,smithing,enchanting,artificing,cooking(monster hunter taught me about eating before a hunt and it makes a difference) and all the excessively high levels and rarity that affects it regardless of overall level. The only thing more important is passives that increase his stat growth easier or more per level up(such as passively increases wisdom by 25% each level up or increase wisdom by 3 each level if you don’t want to do calculations) The closest I’ve seen to something like that is the wuxia novels(you can be functionally or literally immortal)

As for his powers will he develop new skills to advance his minds processing power like memory partition(the ability to partition their thoughts to form multiple independent thought is different than having multiple independent machines in their heads because, while there are multiple processes, they work toward one rooms are synergistic, so four partitions allows for 256 thought processes. As they work towards one goal, it does not allow for 256 separate calculations.)

Will his his telekinesis advance into electrokinesis or god forbid accelerators vector manipulation? I also have a link to some telekinetic powers if you want more ideas.

I like the fic because despite him being extremely smart and having a massive jump in power it’s still shit compared to the top tier of dxd.(hope I’m not sounding to demanding a review)
2/5/2020 c3 KingTouka
This is really fucking cool, I hope you continue it!
- KingTouka
2/5/2020 c3 Astaethiel
Nice! You surprised me with how quickly you updated, but don't burn yourself out man, take your time. I like this so far, but you should seriously consider if you want to give him something as OP as boosted gear. For 'how hax dxd characters are' ranking in you should check out the 'Midnightverse Power Scaling Chart' just Google it. btw is the MC bi or are you just trolling, indulge me XD
2/5/2020 c3 shinigamisama455
the reason why I suggested gravity magic is both for attack primarily against physical types let's see how they fare under 1000 times gravity and if your oc gamer body work the traditional way that you can heal from anything save death to train his body.

and for fire and ice manipulation it may not sound that bad ass but this is Yamamotos fire and toshros ice manipulation and one of the longinus is literal just elemental manipulation.
and Yamamoto himself said if he wasn't careful with his flame they could destroy the world and kill him.

and toshiro many theorized has the potential to rival Yamamoto and froze a landscape as far as the supernatural eye can see an a instant. plus one of the satan's ability is literally ice manipulation to 0 degree toshiro is at -273 celsius.

and that actually is the reason I suggested it as a sacred gear and manipulation not magic. after all issei is said to have less magic them a devil child through most of the series yet he can breath flame that can cover the sky
2/5/2020 c3 GrayWolfDen
Just so you know the term ‘Juggernaut Drive’ is only for the Heavenly Dragon gears and for others it’s either ‘Breakdown the Beast’ or something unique like how the True Longinus’ has ‘Truth Idea’
2/5/2020 c3 1hiareportsyou
stealing Ddraig is super fucking overdone. If yo want him to get a similar ability, have him make it eventually. If Issei dies, he dies. Theres no need to take the Sacred Gear, because it feasibly makes no sense for him to be able to take one at this point, and its boring. Ddraig and his power is boring.
2/5/2020 c3 hiareportsyou
straight retarded for saying 'you cant die from having too little chakra'. Bruh, Tsunade coma little chakra. Kakashi passing out little chakra. if I slit your wrists and throat, will you die from blood loss?
2/5/2020 c3 Nayrcon
thanks for the chapter~
2/4/2020 c2 Nayrcon
thanks for the chapter, im super excited to see where you go with this. Im also really happy with how unique your character creation was, ive read plenty of gamer stories and something like that truly makes your story stand out.
For your gacha if you want to have fun with it and keep your story random you could make a roulette wheel and add random abilities into it but if there is ever a specific ability you want to use just use it but in the meantime you have a filler roulette.
you could fill your roulette wheel with pretty much anything. For items from the wheel i would suggest looking up MMOs items for your non OPsignature weapons, theres alot of random shit in mmos from rings to weapon sets that give set bonus' that he could use. Same with skill trees from MMOs you can get ideas for abilites that way ranging from basic to OP. And you can mix up what MMOs to look at from Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and so on.
Theres even a wiki on Superhero powers that can give you inspiration.
My advice as an avid Gamer story reader is to not give him too many Signature Weapons or Abilities too quickly. If he has a store they should be extremely expensive for the OP things, not where he can pop in an Instant Dungeon and gain them in 2 hours of grinding. He can get "Lucky" on some gatcha and maybe get a couple of your favourites but im hoping that by chapter 10 we dont have a main character who is Super Saiyan with a Rinnegan controlling Space and Time and has enough credits to buy anything from the multiverse.
I love an OP Character ilI truly do, but some people go way too fast too quickly and they dont know what to do next because their character could sneeze a planet away.
The best person to take insperation from is DarkWolfShiro, which i see you have with that Orgasmo nod, loved that, but most of all as long as you have fun with your novel the audience including myself can go suck a dick hahaha
Im truly looking forward to more of your novel.
Im sorry if you dont appreciate this long ass comment but meh, if it inspires you to write then thats good enough for me.
until next time~
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