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5/21 c21 Guest
Thanks for the update! As always, yu did a great job Poly!
5/21 c21 RaphiTheOne
It lives!

Glad to see Ritsuka taking the initiative though I wish Gracia and the british goverment would start to do the same.

Elizabeth wants to be in charge? She can pay the electric bill and the rent!
5/21 c21 Guest
This chapter pales in comparison to your previous work. It felt a tad bit rushed, and a little lacking with the character interactions. I was hoping to see a bit more engagement with the existing characters, but it works for a plot device to see the Sakura Empire. I hope the next wait isn't as long.
5/21 c1 Christian Bernardino
Yes Finally an update.. been waiting for months for this
5/20 c21 Soulbow109
Happy to see this fic updated after so long. Ritsuka has made a interesting impression on the ninja shipgirls. Really look forward to seeing how the Sakura Empire react to knowing a human like Ritsuka exists. If Amagi is still alive I imagine it will cause some interesting events. They might really end up kidnapping him.

Also happy to hear we are getting in to the romance soon. So far interactions have been good so I am definitely eager to see future events and how Ritsuka handles them. Especially since I think you mentioned you plan for Ritsuka to act a bit different then the typical mc in his situation. Also hope Formidable gets her arm back, must suck to be like that.
5/20 c21 JustBazik
Great work, please continue. From what point of history of fgo Ritsuka is? He cant be right after goetia considering that one year isnt nearly enough to be laike that. Also we know that he can reach the throne of heroes from this world so i hope that we will get some interactions with his past. In any funny/disturbing form.
5/20 c21 Halo
Season 2 has begun
5/20 c21 2V01dSw0rd
So, Ritsuka and Kansen fluff? As in Slice of Life shenanigans? I look forward to that!
5/20 c21 5NobleSquince
Keep it up!
5/20 c21 FrozenOzean21
I still remember this story and am glad to see another chapter
More character interactions sounds good, especially more queen Elizabeth as I do find her to be hilarious. Really like the Queen's Orders manga and her character makes her quite amusing at times...
5/20 c21 JD91B
I'm glad this is back. I can't wait to see for what's to come. Also, Sakura Empire interlude time?

Thanks for the chapter.
5/20 c21 FateBurn
5/20 c21 18Yoshiki-909
More shipgirls falling into the Bond Trap.
More headpats for Akatsuki
5/20 c21 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
thx for the great chapter

so i wonder how will this go on? i mean we have one Sakura kansen that is being tortured so Bismark is probably not there

how many misunderstandings will happen i wonder
5/20 c21 Masterx01
Oh wow, im very glad to see this fic being updated again as it is one of the very very few good AL fics around.

Regarding to chapter, not much happened but what i did looked nice.

Regarding to the AN at the end.

"My initial idea is to release shorter chapters, more focused on character interactions than plot, which will still be an important part of the story but I want it to take a backseat for a while."

I would say that there is no problem with that although i would roccomend that you do not make the chapters too short, like about 2k word short given that chapters of such lenght, more often than not, have little meat to speak about.

I would also recommend to keep a relative balance plot/interaction even if you are going to priority the later for a while given that if you focus too much on the former you may end up slowing the pace a bit too much which wouldnt be good for the fic.

Regarding to the interactions, i hope you take your time developing them... Although remembering how you made Ritsuka and Sheffield relationship go, i would say you have that covered.

That aside i have some questions about the fic. Are we going to see super tech around in the future? I have been playing Sirem Operation and in those reports you find in some stages, it is detailed how after they discovered the wisdom cubes, there was a technological revolution thanks to the wonder energy source derivated from it. From military hardware to civilian appliances and anything in between. They even created power armors and it would be cool to see some of that around.

What are you going to do with Lord Camelot? Without Galahad to power it up it hardly will have the same power as before and it is probably still around only because Mash off-loaded her experiences and feelings on it and pased it down to Ritsuka but given what happened in the LB1 where Mash created Mold Camelot from her experiences as a demi-servant... Are you planing to do something similar here later on? Where Ritsuka's experiences and some wisdom cube tinkering causes a change in the shield? That could also be pretty cool to see with the right build up.

Well, i think this is all. Thanks again for the chapter. I hope too see a new one soon.
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