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12/31/2020 c12 Halo

I think Fleece Johnson is a troll so let’s just ignore him.

Polyfemus, please don’t take this guy’s word to heart.
12/30/2020 c12 Razie.B
Hey you, Fleece Johnson. Answer me this questionDid you pay to the author to write this story? If no, then shut the fuck up. You have no right to question how the author makes his characters. At the very least he listens to suggestions ,and in ultimately in the end, he decides whether to use said suggestions or not.

And thw worse of all, you being an entitled piece of shit, if thw author wans to go to school, so be it. He needs to go to school, so that he graduates, and later find a job
Fanfic doesn't provide money. In other words he's just writing fanfics as a hobby, not too fill your pathetic playboy, bald asshole. So shut up and read, or just leave this story, bitch.
12/22/2020 c12 1Fleece Johnson
Listen here writer-man, your Gudao has a problem see? He doesn't fit how I envisioned MY Gudao right? A 6'7ft tall bald man with an 11'in cock who gets ALL the woman (just like me IRL) so I'm gonna need you to rewrite your story with this in mind. Make him 200% more awesome. Also can you STOP going to school? I'm on break and as your proof-reading I demand that you stop your higher education to fit to my needs, if you want to lose all your followers when the story takes an extreme nose-dive in quality, go right ahead. Otherwise I demand that you write me in as a character and hook me up with purifier rather than going to college, one is more important than the other yeah?

Also you STILL haven't fixed the issues I touched upon in my previous reviews.
12/21/2020 c12 7Megaolix
Well, as far as being the most followed go, it's simple when the two series are greatly known. That being said, while you have a right to be proud, you cannot honestly say the competition is ferocious for the position. It may be a bit harsh, but I would rate it more as alright myself. There's nothing greatly wrong, even if I frown at some stuff, but I cannot say there's something exceptional either.

At any rate, I suppose that even if the situation look bad to Warspite, Ritsuka can get back to doing what he do best: leading a fight. As good as the two may be, they're acting more like machines acting on programming. All what they know, no ability to improvise or correct tactics. Just like how he assisted Servants in battle, he can do the same with Warspite.
12/21/2020 c12 Zedeck
Sirius losing her balance? Even emotionless, sirius is sirius
12/18/2020 c11 1Takedo
You used male pronouns for Sheffield near the end here
12/17/2020 c7 Takedo
You should get used to using the single quotation marks. Don't use the double quotation marksinside dialogue.
12/17/2020 c2 Takedo
Isn't it supposed to be "unkown", not "uknown"?
12/17/2020 c12 Soulbow109
Chapter was pretty cool. Was wondering if we would see the clock tower and I guess there will soon arrive people from there, look forward to seeing how all that goes. Would Avicebron really be that negative? I know he dislikes humans but I never really got such negative feelings from his fgo version.

Nice moment with Belfast, wonder if Sheffield will get jealous? Fight at the end was pretty cool too. Look forward to how it all goes. Can't help but imagine it going in a way that just makes Ritsuka look even more powerful in the eyes of the ship girls. Kinda like in other series where the MC is weak or just an average perosn with cheat powers but due to a series of misunderstandings and crazy luck ends up being seen by others as some god figure. The MC tries to get others to understand he is not but no one believes them.

Got to say, really curious how Elizabeth is so obsessed with keeping Ritsuka. Can't help but feel there is more to her wanting him then just him being stronger then other humans.

Look forward to the next chapter and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.
12/17/2020 c12 cantipuesto2
Blond hair, wearing white... Wodime? or maybe Goredolf?
12/17/2020 c12 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
huh...i thought they would looks like marionette dolls instead but more of a hypnotized people instead

well looking forward for next chapter in january-ish
12/17/2020 c12 9AznPuffyHair
Ah... those two. When they eventually falls under Ritsuka, he'll be having some Interesting time...

So. Real talk. How much trouble will Alpha and Purifier be in after this? I'm pretty sure that attack isn't sanctioned... right?
12/17/2020 c12 Dasgun
12/17/2020 c12 Guest
Make Gudao more awesome, not Gary Stu like but more awesome. To make them think he is more than what he seems despite not knowing what his actual skill is. Oh and give us more shipgirls!.

I wonder though, why doesnt he have any mystic code...Thats pretty weird.
12/17/2020 c12 Guest
An early Christmas present? Yaaaay! Awesome chapter! The battle was very exciting. I hope we get another update soon!
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