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for Alone

2/7 c3 41Blondie 20000
I had a feeling Rachel was going to make an appearance. I gathered she didn't mean everything she said it was anger talking she wanted to blame someone for Morgan's death it's all part of the grieving process.

Look forward to the next chapter.
2/7 c2 Blondie 20000
Oh that was heartbreaking what a way to lose your child. It's not Crockett's fault the car came out of nowhere and yes he has all the training but this was unfortunately one of those situations where the patient wasn't going to be saved. Although I'm not a Natalie fan I'm glad she was there to be a friend to Crockett he needed to talk about it with someone.
2/7 c1 Blondie 20000
You know what when I watched that episode the conversation between Nat and Crockett regarding losing children it made me think did he lose a child? Was it caused by an accident. By the look of what he said to his ex wife in this story I'm amusing a car accident and Crockett was behind the wheel or any accident that involved Crockett being there.

I'm interested Crockett is a character who has just popped up out of nowhere and we know nothing about him. I am intrigued by him in a way.

This seems like it's gonna be interesting.

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