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6/9 c22 pumpkinking5

Robert and Ashley bought their first house! It was a good choice incase they want to expand their family in the future. They do. While they were moving, Gabby and Everly took care of Emma. Robert and Ashley felt sad because it was their first time away from Emma.

Yet, they were able to move with more easily without worrying about Emma. While moving Ashley's mother called. It didn't end too well. Ashley had to tell her mother that they were moving to a new house. She didn't like how she was not told. Both of them had another conversation between mother/daughter which didn't end well. Robert understood Ashley's feelings about her mother. They need to communicate better.

Troy, Easton and Eli helped them moved! They were able to get a lot done.

Great job! Keep safe!
6/5 c21 pumpkinking5

Robert and Ashley are adjusting to being parents. It is a very delicate balance of give and take. Robert realized it when he took Emma to his parents' house. He didn't really consult Ashley on taking Emma with him. Now, they have to talk about Emma in as a whole unit.

Parenthood is going to change them. It is the time when talking and communicating how they raised Emma is going to be important. I liked how they are able to talk to each other. They started early in their relationship and have a great foundation. Now, they are going to changing their ideas and thoughts about Emma and each other. A change is coming but they are able to handle it.

Great job! Keep safe!
5/12 c17 pumpkinking5

Hope you are staying safe and sheltering in place during this pandemic!

Ashley is scared. I don't blame her. She was given her options about what will happen when the baby arrives early, late or on time. She was scared. Robert voiced his opinion w/o asking her. Ashley felt anger. Robert knew that he did something wrong. Gabby pointed out how he didn't talk to Ashley about the options that she will face.

Gabby was right. Robert went to talk to Ashley. She understood his concerns. Both of them are scared but excited for being parents.

Both mothers threw Ashley a baby's shower. Ashley was so surprised but excited and touch! Lately, she is getting more tired and sleepy. The baby is coming soon!

Great job!
3/21 c11 pumpkinking5

Robert and Ashley told their parents about the pregnancy. They were overjoyed with the news. Now, Robert and Ashley went to their first doctor's appointment. They are excited to see their baby.

They know that they need to buy a house for their growing family. Gabby knows how hard is to leave their apartment, but it is the right move to do.

Great job!
3/8 c10 pumpkinking5

Ashely is pregnant! Robert is over the moon with happiness! I don' blame them for wanting to keep it a secret. They wanted to make sure after the 12th week to tell their families.

Robert couldn't wait. He told Easton. Ashley was upset, but she made sure to tell Robert to not tell anyone else. Then the fight between Everly and Robert changed the plan. both of them told Everly the news of Ashley's pregnancy. Robert is right. They are going to be times that Everyday is not going to know things which are between him and Ashley. It is adjustment for all of them.

Great job!
2/27 c9 pumpkinking5

Robert and Ashley are married. Easton and Everly are in different colleges. The Boltons' family are going through changes.

I feel Everly is seeing how much her life is changing with her family. She knows that Robert and Easton are going their way, but she feels left out. But Gabby is right. Sooner or later, Everly is going to be going her way as well which her family might not be included, but she still can talk to them.

Robert and Ashley are going to wait to have children. He is right. It will happen when they are ready.

Great job!
2/18 c8 pumpkinking5

Robert asked Ashley's dad for permission to marry his daughter. This showed how much Robert values Ashley'f family in deciding to marry into the family via Ashley. He was so touched by Robert's request.

Later on, Robert told his family about proposing to Ashley. They were surprised and delighted about the proposal. They knew how much Ashley loves Robert. Cute how Robert told Everly secretly. He really loves his family and share with them the important events in their lives.

Ashley said yes! They are engaged!

Great job!
2/16 c7 pumpkinking5

Robert has commitment issues or not having someone their. When Troy was working and his lack of absence while traveling for his job really affected him. I don't think he knew how much. Arguing with Ashley and her leaving for a few days bought up old memories of that time.

He gave her a promise ring to show his commitment to her, but was it given in good faith. I think talking about it with Troy then Ashley about his security and comfort was good for him.

Great job!
2/12 c6 pumpkinking5

I like dhow they talked before making love! It was responsible and the right thing to do. Robert went to talk to Troy about it which says a lot of their relationship. He was able to go talk to his dad about making love with Ashley.

Both of them when the time came to make love, they made sure with each other if it was right. Ashley lit candles to set the mood. Robert was surprised and delighted with Ashley's set up. They made love.

I can understand why Robert was upset with Gabby asking Ashley about their future, but she was just making conversation like any mother would. Yet, it got Ashley thinking about their future together. Robert is right. It is their relationship. They will set the pace for themselves.

Great job!
2/10 c4 pumpkinking5

Robert and Ashley are bf/gf. I liked how they took their time with each other. They wanted to make sure it was real and not rush it. They dated which was so sweet!

After dating for a while, they decided to met each other families. I thought this was really important and showed how much they valued their families. Ashley's family liked Robert. The Bolton's family really liked Ashley. They see how much Robert adores her and she him.

Ashley presented Robert to a key to her apartment since he is over there a lot. Robert was surprised, but it means so much more between the both of them!

Great job!
2/6 c2 pumpkinking5

I enjoyed reading this chapter. It showed how family is important when you have a crisis. They are there to support you.

Everly breaking up with Luke was hard. She loved broke her heart. Her family helped her to heal and be there for her.

Prom! Every didn't have a date, but Easton did. She said home because no one asked her. I liked how Rob explained how she has a big heart. She is more mature at this point in high school as oppose to other girls. It is ok! I felt that she didn't really see herself in this light. I am glad Rob and her talked about themselves and their lives. She needed it considering it was Prom.

Great job!
2/4 c1 pumpkinking5

Adored this first chapter! I am really, really going to try to post a review for each chapter. This story is interesting all ready. They Bolton's children are grown up!

Rob is in college while the twins are in high school. It is going to be exciting and difficult maneuvering the ups and downs of high school and college.

Right now, the twins are going through typical teenagers problems. Easton is playing basketball and Everly dances. Sometimes the two overlap in high school events. It is a parent's nightmare, but you make it work like Troy and Gabby do!

Everly had a bf name Luke. He was nice, fun and dance along with Everly. But he wanted more from Everly and she wasn't haven't it. She broke up with him. I am glad that she told Troy and Gabby about it. This way she is not hiding it and she needs their support.

Great job~

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