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9h c9 1Nightwing2013
Wait a minute! Not even the Titans know Robin’s name, do they? Even if they do, the moment Robin’s surname was said, Creed became a League-level threat. If a villain knows who Robin is, they know who Batman is, and THAT leads to the easy compromise of every hero’s secret identity through simple logic, reasoning, and quite a bit of research.
What I’m saying is, despite the fact that the dynamic duo were at odds at this point in comic canon, Robin would probably focus on getting his team to safety before swallowing his pride and calling for reinforcements, if not from the Justice League, then at least from his satellite teams (especially Titans East, containing Speedy/Roy Harper and Aqualad/Garth of Atlantis).
Also, the fact that Raven’s mind-scape was compromised makes Creed a threat somewhere between Trigon and Darkseid himself. That is some seriously scary crap.
Granted, this is your story, so I have no right to criticize as I have. The action is great, and your characterization for this specific source material is spot-on.
12/16/2020 c8 SpiderGwen2004
I love this story and I can’t wait for the next update!
12/14/2020 c8 Eznf98
good to know you are still writing and every time you post a chapter of this story I always have to go back to the beginning because I dont remember what happened
12/14/2020 c1 6TomoMoon1
Billionaire lol Bruce Wayne and Lex Luther are rolling their eyes
10/25/2020 c6 DrCoogans
I really hope you finish this story, I’m already pretty caught up in it and it’s a great book already.
9/15/2020 c6 Eris
Great chapter. So touching and beautiful. Your story is so exciting and fascinating. It includes so much diversity. Could you mention Beast Boy‘s African Origin? Hope you update soon again.
7/20/2020 c5 frog31791
Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/16/2020 c5 Eris
Fascinating story. Very realistic. Great to see so much international People. Could you write about the interaction between Beast Boy and Beast? Did the Beast put the mental barrier in place because he realised that the mysterious person, who visited Raven’s Nevermore (unknown to them), tried to visit their brain? So Beast could have put up the mental barrier to prevent the mysterious person from entering in their brain, which worked. Would be awesome if that would be true. Maybe Beast informs Garfield of this visitor when he sleeps?
Hope you update soon.
7/16/2020 c5 Eznf98
this is very good, cant wait for the next one
5/20/2020 c4 1Nightwing2013
I swear I heard beast boy’s surprise from that last line. Keep up the good work!
5/17/2020 c4 Mr. Ursine
Super 180, but why not. Let’s get those ships out to sea.
5/17/2020 c4 7nw150
and now... everyone wants to check and make sure Raven's not an impostor. LOL awesome chapter. can't wait for more!
5/17/2020 c4 6Wikked Grin
Well done, well done, my friend! I applaud your writing ability and your dedication to these characters.
5/17/2020 c4 67TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne
I've seen quite a bit of fan art where Star wears the NASA T shirt. Is that something from the comics?

Anyway, I'm glad that BB is so forgiving. Let's hope Raven doesn't go do something stupid and bl;ow it.
5/17/2020 c4 Eznf98
yay you updated this, I live this story just wondering any chance ur star wars stories will be updated also
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