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11/26 c116 Steelflameblade
You're doing fine, the story is quite interesting and I hope you'll keep it going. I can't wait to see where you go with it, and what Pokemon Dust will get next. Assuming you're avoiding doubling up on types for him, a few things of note for him would be a true flier (fits his current tendencies of movers paired with something else), or a mon more focused on total area denial, be it stealth rocks, sticky web, toxic and regular spikes. And with it being Sinnoh, it could easily be something from the Roselia line.
11/23 c116 Guest
You are doing great. I love your story
11/23 c65 Guest
Some random girl just attacks him and he lets her get away with it? What a fucking pushover
11/23 c116 Nogardnoir
Thank you for the chapter and don't worry, you're doing great so don't stress it out and enjoy writing and we'll definitely enjoy our reading !
11/22 c116 TauCetiEarth
I binged from beginning to latest and I like what's been done. I personally didn't see anything wrong with this, but maybe I just have a low bar to meet. I personally think that you're doing fine, but I'm not exactly *you*, so maybe I don't understand. In particular, I like the interactions between mc and his pokemon. That's just a small facet of what made this a nice read and I'm too lazy to examine all the other ' *good* ' parts of this, so I'll just say the chaos, insanity, character interaction, and plot are the special spice of this fic and focus on the stuff I like looking for- like human poke romance. I don't think you're gonna do that with such a big number of followers, which is a shame, but this yandere crush Luna has on the MC is good enough to sate me. Fay is such a cutie with her innocence. Midna.. I think I like what you've done with her but I also think we still need to get through some stuff with her to lvl up "closeness". I realize that the second half of this review is questionable and probably not at all what you have planned but I can fantasize. There's plenty of smut potential here, just sayin'. I'm not a writer so I have to wait and hope for somebody with similar desires to write and post. I think instead of letting yourself get to the point where you start procrastinating and having bad vibes about writing, you should take a break instead of letting it fester. I imagine it's unhealthy, for the continuation of this fic, for the author to start agonizing over it's production when there's life to live. Don't want to burn yourself out to the point where you go on a years long hiatus with the thought of coming back seeming so "nope". I don't want to go back and examine author's notes and end up losing my review progress so I'll post THEN read. Thanks for writing.
11/22 c116 InsecurityKitty
Date time!
11/18 c116 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap y
11/18 c47 MondLicht The Third
Chelsea is so goddamn annoying
11/18 c116 Gamermisogi
Strategizing against darkrai that’s pretty smart
11/18 c116 1MALWARE010101
huh this is different a good different though hopefully I can get to see the ending of this fic
11/18 c116 STARKILLE10R
If you need to, take some time off and get your head straight. Do this because you enjoy it and want to do this, not because it's expected of you to. Think of it like that, and you'll just end up burning out. Also, another good chapter with more setup, wonder just how far down the rabbit hole Luna's gonna go. Is she going to mellow out as she gets stronger and evolves, or is her possessiveness only gonna get worse with time as Minda and Fay evolve and new members are added to the party as well. Can't wait to see, but like I said at the beginning, take it at your own pace and enjoy what you're doing for yourself.
11/18 c116 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Ayo bruv I will for this amazing fic to be updated man.
11/17 c116 Guest
Love your work, don't get down on yourself, if your story wasnt good then it wouldnt have so many favorites and follows.

Excited for the next chapter!
11/17 c116 Flashfyre12
It was a good chapter, and you are a good writer.
11/17 c116 DOOT76
I maintain that Darkrai is innocent, the dead guy just couldn’t handle what he saw.
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