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2/14 c86 hainbane
How the hell in a world with mind reading pokemon can they miss such a traitor in their ranks? Like If you run a project that decides the survival of human race it is common sense to demand absolute loyalty and dedication from personal.
2/14 c79 hainbane
Dunno, why MC is so surprised. Any sane human would want to find a way to kill dangerous beasts that can easily destroy entire countries. Or even mess with the whole world. It is a shame the leader of Team Galactic is insane, cause he is making a road in a correct direction. Humans must have a way to remove any pokemon that threatens us or stands in the way of exploring and settling of the world.
2/14 c77 hainbane
Aw, I hoped it would be a horror chase in creepy facility. And then MC snaps and slaughters all the personal there.
2/13 c67 hainbane
Huh, I thought it was the trainer killer Ninetail from the beginning or the story or smth.
2/13 c58 hainbane
Well at least Luna has a braincell. Damn I hate how stupid MC is.
2/13 c53 hainbane
Or he could inform either one of his contacts. Even if Hila is off the case she still has contacts. But plot demands that he hold the idiot ball and so silence it is. 100% it will come to bite him in the ass.
2/13 c48 hainbane
As expected, he failed. Not surprising considering how much time he wasted talking and hanging out with his teenager friends. Instead of using the grenade belt in the fight and shooting people immediately. Hopefully once what ever abomination appears from that egg levels the city he learns to be faster and more decisive.
2/13 c30 hainbane
Huh I thought Crimson was stealing TMs for team Galactic to build an army. But it seems they are building Meowtwo or smth similar instead.
2/13 c29 hainbane
Nicely done. Glad he started to use the gun. Hopefully he manages to keep it away from police.
2/13 c27 hainbane
I expected him to gut the guy like the first assassin, leaving him almost dead with a knife in a kidney. But at least he managed to capture a pet of Crimson.
2/13 c21 hainbane
Is this the much needed reality check? The 4th one. To realize that he is not an invincible Hero, and next angry Pokémon he meets will gut him on the spot. Bah who am I kidding, he will still run around fangirling over some anime characters and pretending to be a trainer.
2/8 c126 sd834562
2/6 c126 Guest
Love this story and can’t wait for more chapters, and don’t worry about what GBLplays say's this is your story wright it how YOU want it.
1/29 c36 GBLplays
This seems to be going down a path of pokephilia (With the MC only catching humanoid and female pokemon so far, not to mention some of the ralts scenes...), I really hope not...
1/25 c98 M1stymix
okay mc's quote is just wrong it's not "good people doing nothing is the reason evil can exist" cause evil will always exist and it can be blamed from free will. The right quote is "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing" it's about evil winning not about existing. Beside you got to know if you have the ability to help or will you be just a hindrance/distraction that could be used for evil to win
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