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4/5/2020 c5 9Kolomte'49
honestly, and counting the five chapters, this is the beginning of a more original story that I have seen in the year. Not only do you manage two of my favorite Sekireis, but you also add a comical start to their relationship. That is, if they are both going to be with the same boy. I wouldn't be surprised, but I would be, if the blow with the ice hammer causes Karasuba amnesia.
3/16/2020 c5 The beginn of Red Dawn
So far the story is really good. It is not new that Sekirei are accidentally winged, but it doesn't happen that often. I only know the accidentally wing of Karasuba from another story.

To make this believable is really not easy because Karasuba as a fighter is really not easy to surprise. At most, this happens because she underestimates the monkeys. In addition, Karasuba now has to live with her new Ashikabi. After all, she dies right after him.

I really love Sekirei and stories with Karasba. She is a very interesting character in Sekirei.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
2/23/2020 c4 The beginn of Red Dawn
For the story to be pushed from the narrator's point of view. It's not really bad. Of course I'm unfortunately a fan of stories in which the MC winged Sekirei early.
Think this has to do with the fact that many do not continue to write their history. I really like the character of Karasuba. I am always interested in the question, has it always been so or is it due to MBI? In some stories it is always said that Karasuba only becomes what she is after Miya came together with Asama Takehito.
2/18/2020 c3 The beginn of Red Dawn
I dont really know what to think about your story...

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