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2/7/2022 c6 73KVeronicaP
Excellent character writing! Just dropping this review here to let you know that I've been thoroughly enjoying my read of this so far. Thank you so much for penning, and keep that ink flowing!
10/22/2021 c5 Guest
Absolutely love it! Please continue, I need an ending
6/13/2021 c5 Guest
I fucking love this, please makee moorreeee! Love it!
4/24/2021 c4 5Pancettakawai
This chapter produced so many emotions in me, I can easily describe them in 5 parts:

1- Is it me or lately is Vincent a fish magnet? XD
2-. Re-L having a wet dream, OMFG O.o!
3-. Finally, it's time to get out of the matrix! :D Get ready Argounova! HAHAHAHAH!
5-. Vincent! STOP HER! ;0; SAVE RE-L! AHHH!
12/4/2020 c2 Pancettakawai
Wow! THIS IS SO GREAT. I felt like I was watching an extra episode of the series that was never broadcast on TV. In a way I get nostalgic.

I would like to know if you can still update your work, you cover very well that confused and psychological atmosphere that the program has, at the same time that I still want to know what will happen with Re-L and Vicent trapped in these two realities. Will Vincent be able to convince Re-L? Will Re-L save Vincent's skin? Deaudelous! NOO!

OMFG, you must update this, I am dying of nerves and I am very distressed about what could have happened to pino, I hope that Argounova has not done anything to the little autoreiv QnQ

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