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for The Stag and The Hound

3/18/2020 c15 14imajisaheartlandfan
Glad to see you updated! Brilliant chapter!
3/11/2020 c13 imajisaheartlandfan
Brilliant update! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/27/2020 c10 imajisaheartlandfan
Loved your new chapter! My apologies for not reviewing on your others, I've been limited in my time that I have to read fanfic and didn't have time to drop a review but I still love it all the same! Great work! I'd really love to see her interact with Sadie later on (if your going to have that) I think they'd be an interesting mix of character lol
2/21/2020 c8 imajisaheartlandfan
Great chapter! Charles is one of my favourite character so I'm glad he's included in this story! I wonder what the Hound will think of Sadie later down the track, they're not that different actually... They both want revenge lol
2/19/2020 c7 imajisaheartlandfan
Good chapter! Looking forward to the next!
2/16/2020 c6 imajisaheartlandfan
Great chapter! Really enjoyed it!
2/14/2020 c5 imajisaheartlandfan
Can't wait for the next chapter! The plot thickens... I really love this story!
2/12/2020 c4 imajisaheartlandfan
I really really am enjoying this story! Can't wait to see where it'll go!
2/10/2020 c3 Gv
Update now.
I don’t care if I’m being rude, just do it. You simply cannot forget a brilliant story like this, it is too good.
Fucking update.

2/10/2020 c1 Gv
This is great! Keep up the good work!
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