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2/23 c9 sguti392
So is she supposedly the nacht replacement...I like the idea.
2/20 c4 Guest
Holly crap if you do math and add up the amount of stars the black bulls got which is 132 the amount the crimson lion have right now you get 202 so they would definitely get first
1/26 c8 Winterflare
This story is amazing, it’s so well written and so entertaining. I just wish the updates were more frequent but I can’t complain since the chapters are long. I hope Asta learns how to use Black Slash and other people’s making using the Demon Dweller sword as a result of his training in the Crimson Lion Kings. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
12/5/2020 c8 2kyle77776
niceto see you back can’t wait for the next chapter also are u taking Anti Magic Weapon ideas?
11/14/2020 c1 LegendaryMob
Summary is halfway decent if it isn't for not the Wizard King mention. Dude this isn't FairyTail. The right term is Magic Emperor.
11/13/2020 c4 ocomolinaehain
i can just imagine the letter from Fuegoleon to Mereoleona

somethin along the lines of "i have a new recruit who i think you'd find interesting" more wordz and stuff...till finally the P.S.

"if you don't find any of that interesting enough to at least visit...the boy has zero magic"
11/12/2020 c2 ocomolinaehain
oh, i can't wait for when mereoleona appears
10/9/2020 c2 Typhon Twilight
While I’m enjoying the story, the lack of any real punctuation makes it a bit troublesome reading. The concept is intriguing, so I hope you take this into consideration, I believe more people would enjoy it if you did.
9/28/2020 c7 sguti392
Glad to see you back can’t wait for the next chapter.
9/28/2020 c7 2AbyssDragonslayer777
Mars doesn't use Diamond Magic, he uses Mineral Magic.
9/12/2020 c2 Guest
I hope the pairing would be asta x mimosa
9/7/2020 c3 Nice
I like Leah in the Crimson Lions in this story because there were oddly no female members in that squad other than Mereoleona Vermillion herself so far in the manga and anime that I checked.
9/7/2020 c5 Interesting
Even if Asta and Noelle are in different Magic Knight squads, they will be good friends like how Leopold is friendly and supportive with Noelle compared to her three siblings who mocked and belittled her in every opportunity even if Nozel did the wrong thing of protecting her after their mom Acier died from Megicula's curse.

Asta could help with Noelle's poor magic control with his smarter knowledge and training that he gained during his time at the Crimson Lions.

And no doubt, Asta will come to Noelle's defense and beat the crap out of her siblings Solid and Nebra especially even Nozel if possinle and Alecdora Sandler of Golden Dawn too as well more effectively with Anti-Magic during the War Merits Ceremony.
9/7/2020 c6 Bro
Damn, I did not expect there is a female Old Generation Eight Shining General OC member and I like her already.

Hope we get to see the fight between members of three Magic Knight squads (Crimson Lions, Black Bulls and Golden Dawn) and two of the Eight Shining Generals from both Old and New Generations: Evanora and Mars in the next chapter.
9/7/2020 c4 Guest
I see that there are Dwarves living among humans in Clover Kingdom and they have half-Dwarf hybrids with humans similar with Charmy Pappitson from the Black Bulls.

They even join Magic Knights in their ranks like Urel Grungi the Runesmith Knight in the Crimson Lions for example.

The Elves (Patolli/Fake Licht, Rhya, Fana and Vetto and the other Elves in Magic Knights' bodies revived with forbidden Reincarnation Magic) are gonna be pissed and will try kill the Dwarves for being associated with humans.

And the Dwarves will enjoy beating the crap out of Elves in hijacked human bodies like how Charmy beats up Lira possessing Rill's body for pissing her off.

Still, I hope Tabata will reveal the Dwarves officially in Black Clover manga and also Charmy's backstory of being a half-Dwarf in the future.
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