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8/18 c2 ChunkyFunkyMunky
It is disappointing that there will be a pairing of Anubis with a cat, and I was not wanting to read a crossover of this kind with over-mixing (Darth Vader and Inquisitors). I know when to stop reading.
8/18 c1 ChunkyFunkyMunky
Please just keep Tygra and Cheetara together. Canine and feline together is just weird.
8/4 c4 5Auguste the Clown
While this was a good chapter I felt it could have had a little more action in it, but overall it was still a good chapter. I liked how Anubis gave the same speech to the lizards, like Mace Windu did with the droids that was clever. I also liked the moment Anubis spent with Cheetara. I also feel that with Anubis experience in the clone wars and force powers Thundera shouldn't fall and Lion-o father could live, but this is your story so do whatever you think is right.
7/18 c3 41Patriot-112
Not bad so far my friend. And I wonder how you'll fix the whole Pumyra being Mumm-Ra's agent problem?
7/18 c2 Patriot-112
I would prefer Pumyra for Anubis.
7/4 c3 5Auguste the Clown
This was a good chapter I like how Anubis knocked Tygra done a notch at the game, and I can't wait to see how powerful Anubis is with the force. Also I was thinking maybe have Anubis have some skill in force healing, the reason why I suggest this is because maybe after the fall of Thundera Anubis is able to sense Pumyra and he uses the force to heal her. I just think it be more interesting if Pumyra joined Lion-O and his friends on his journey.
6/18 c3 kival737101
Awesomeness dude
5/17 c2 kival737101
Oh dude that is a Tough choice since both are Equally Beautiful and Amazing but if you go Pumyra you'll have to Save her from her "Death" which leads to her becoming Mumra's Slave since no one knows if she was ever freed cause the series ended in a Cliffhanger
4/20 c2 Guest
Starting to love this story. I pick Anubis x Cheetara. I can imagine to how jealous Tygra would be. Plus how about Pumyra being the flirty type and Cheetara gets angry and jealous? That would be interesting.
4/7 c1 BeastHunter01
I believe this story is off to a great start. I also liked the 2011 Thundercats, I found it really cool.
3/29 c2 Auguste the Clown
I can't wait to see what will happen next, I liked the interaction between Anubis and Cheetara and can't wait to see what else will happen between the two. I also can't wait to see how the Empire will come into play. I was a little worried that this was going to be one of those stories where an author doesn't get past the first chapter and I'm glad I was wrong.

Also if your going to pair Anubis and Cheetara or Pumyra, at least pair one of the other characters like Liono or Tygra with an OC.
3/18 c1 98SE
Sounds awesome. The Jedi almost sounds like a loth-wolf.

As for the ship, it could be Pumyra, maybe something that happens if or when he saves her from Mumra's influence.

I say the Jedi Master is Plo Koon. Wollfe, meet wolf.

I wish they continued the 2011 thundercats, it was great.
3/8 c1 Auguste the Clown
Have to say this is a really good read and after just reading the first chapter I'm hooked. I like the idea of you pairing Cheetara with Anubis, but at the same time I kinda want to see her with Tigra as they do have quite the history as well, It's a really tough choice. I hope you post the next chapter soon.
2/28 c1 CriticismOfJedi
I think the Jedi council gets a lot of heat from things that are not really their fault. For example, Darth Vader proves that the Jedi were correct about Anakin. ( Note that rule went into effect because of issues like this)His attachment to his wife lead him to become Darth Vader.
If he had never formed a relationship with her and really followed the teachings none of this stuff would have happened. The main problem with Anakin was that he was to old for training and too attached to his mother. Being a slave caused him have anger and resentment that he could not let go of.
Also Yoda was right to tell Anakin not to do anything about his visions. Notice how every problem is cause by trying to force prophecies. chosen one lead to the fall of the jedi. 2. Padme death would have never happen without Anakin's own actions. His mom's death was just an unfortunate outcome that actually came true on its own. Also training adults is a problem because they would not be a neutral party and have more loyalty to their planets/family which is not good. It would cause too many problems like Jedi fraction vs Jedi fraction eventually. Too many reasons for people to go to the dark side. Especially since the sw eu is no longer canon and we don't have there Jedi order as an example.
2/8 c1 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
I already love it!
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