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for Napoleons Conquest

11/3/2023 c8 Guest
I have never played total war But I do like the story in my opinionI think Westeros will be better if Napoleon a conquered it.
10/9/2023 c8 8CRUDEN
Well you should be afraid Tywin
9/27/2023 c8 81Perseus12
Good chapter anyway. *Thumbs UP!* I'll wait to see/imagine the meeting between House Stark of the North and Imperial House Bonaparte of France. I'll wait to read the next chapter.
9/27/2023 c8 Guest
7/6/2023 c7 Adam Hilt
The story is not bad. But tbh, I suggest that you to re-write the entire story because the story is too rushed and there are a lot of grammatical and paragraph errors, and this chapter was slightly short. And I prefer that the French Empire was transefered in Planetos and colonize Westeros and Essos.
4/22/2023 c1 4Coment9
3/18/2023 c7 outrageously common
will you use the other marshal of Napoleon like davout or murat
3/14/2023 c7 Anonymous
Well, friend, I hope you make an alliance between Tywin Lannister, and the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, knowing full well that both are Machiavellian minds.
3/10/2023 c6 6Zooms
Grammatical issues aside (I assume English isn't your first language) this has been a fun romp through the first few chapters I've read.
3/10/2023 c7 2winterwolf23543
Dishonorable huh... No wonder medieval Europe, north africa and west asia are more smarter than Lords of westeros
3/9/2023 c7 creekinny
Nossa eu estava esperando atualizações dessa fic, quero muito ver como vai ser o resto da conquista, os franceses vão vencer isso está claro pra mim, a menos que Daenerys apareça com dragões .. e isso ainda está muitos anos longe, e mesmo sendo um tiro de sorte dos dorneses o mundo ainda viu um dragão cair por um tiro

Os franceses vencem, não estaria escrito em um livro de história essa vitória se eles não fossem bem sucedidos por pelo menos alguns anos antes de alguma rebelião tivesse sucesso ? E isso é muito difícil de acontecer quando boa parte da população vai ser atraída pelas promessas da boa vida que eles vão ter sob o império, enquanto quando estavam a misericórdia dos nobres eram lixo
3/8/2023 c7 81Perseus12
I understand, fellow author.
3/8/2023 c7 Guest
3/8/2023 c7 Ruslan Dyda
Something I can't figure out... Did you make the army size because of the mechanical limitations of the game?
To which I note: even in this respect, it is very stupid. In total war, many armies can be summoned, bringing the number closer to serial values. And it won't even contradict the logic of the game...
3/8/2023 c6 21mpowers045
I understand completely
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