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for Napoleons Conquest

10/18 c6 pup
Real nice, I like how Napoleon is improving life already and how easily his armies are winning.

Update! It's been too long!
9/9 c3 Guest
Which Nation
I Would like to US of A Even though it has a Low Chance considering they're still not that Powerful in this Time Period but worth a Try

Great Britain

as long as They kill the Lannister then it's Fine by me
8/21 c6 Guest
Update When?

What about the Other Big Countries? Great Britain, Germany, Russian, Spain ETC

Along with America the Rising Superpower?
7/19 c6 Adam Hilt
Chapters are too short.
7/19 c6 Pretty Cool
excellent writing
7/13 c6 Guest
excellent step up in writing from the early chapter. Keep that up.
7/13 c3 Guest
yup proper english is a must before you do anything else. They are more errors per sentences then fleas in a wild dog.
7/13 c2 Guest
Before asking after napoleonic expert, invest in some english basic writing course. This is nearly unintelligible.
7/12 c6 Drew 25
I'm glad of the new chapter I'm getting to think the story with discontinued.
7/12 c6 jaimerey7000
Se tocara la Marsellesa en Desembarco del Rey, Joffrey sera guillotinado.
Ahora con las leyes napoleonicas, el pueblo de Poniente podria ponerse de parte de Napoleon
7/11 c6 76Perseus12
I wonder the reactions of other Great Houses of Westeros that Napoleon's Grande Armée have taken over King's Landing? I wonder Robb Stark of the North would make an alliance with Emperor Napoleon since the French save his sister from the Lannisters? I'll wait to read the next chapter.
7/11 c5 21mpowers045
6/21 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Ah ecco qua una storia molto interresante!
Vediamo anche cosa accadrà!
5/5 c5 16Mandalore the Survivor
Hmm very intriguing start of an story here, its a shame that the other promising stories that were too taking its take of Napoleon in Westeros didn't fully flourish out when they were progressing but its always good to see still other elements being taken like having it here with Total War.

Hehe, my current playthrough of the Swedish Empire has given much to imagine out seeing how the tactics are being usage and though I would not doubt there'll be moments where the French will become surprised by certain Westerosi Generals who have the more capable mindset to try usage different tactics against the advancer weaponry by the Imperial French army. 16th century warfare I would not be surprised will end up being what newer Westerosi warfare will end up looking like by this new war by the French Empire.

But on the other hand, it's going to be intriguing of seeing through the perspectives by the French and Napoleon himself of Westeros and what other factions may yet too take an interest of what's going on in Westeros. Will be interesting too of how will the other Kingdoms like Dragonstone lead by Stannis and with its disappearance, it would be awesome if Stannis ends up becoming one of first to adopt the new technology in thanks to establishing an alliance, the North itself I would not be surprised will remind Napoleon of Sweden and would be open to establishing relations with them, but Northerners would be very reminded of the Reachmen by the French's mannerisms and culture that there would be funny mixes to perspectives.

Dorne itself might either get lucky in establishing an alliance with the French to finally gain revenge against House Lannister or unlucky if it ends up essentially like Spain in being invaded after issues arise depending.

All in all there's lot of intriguing potential from this and though I can see just some grammar errors in terms of few needed capital words in some spots, but its overall not eyeglaring and you're showing great progress of developing since the first chapter and all of us writers have had go through progress points that I think you're on your way there.

If it interests you, will leave links to videos down below that may intrigue you with potential ideas or the sort? Up to you, the *s are only there in protecting the parts when its spaced out, names will be attach to help. Also do have possible suggestions we can talk in PM about if they intrigue?

Do wish you all the best of luck and hope all goes well, looking forward to the next chapter. Until the next time.

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vOJ9MDiIQbCM
"Gustavus Adolphus: Father of Modern Warfare"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vlSbeUBoVm-E
"Sabaton - The Carolean's Prayer"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vpvQUs65u5sI
"Empire total war: The Swedish Empire cinematic"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vYvbQmEpa0Tg
"Who Were the Kings Of Winter?"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vShAZMy7gvI8&t
"The Secret of The Stark Bloodline The Legend They Forgot"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vfXfL43qW1PU&t
"The Beast of Gévaudan"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vWyrsF3AwyX0
"The People Of The North - Game Of Thrones"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vqTQjtloM7bo
"Robb, Jon , Theon: His Memory Lives"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?v_4KY8ztfNEM
"Game of Thrones Robb Stark Sabaton Carolus Rex"
3/13 c5 1AppoX
Great stuff! Hope you keep updating.
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