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for Northern Lights

3/27/2020 c4 Dumbo
I really need more of this I just can’t get enough! I recommended this to ALL potter heads especially those who ship Fred and Hermione! I can’t explain how much I love it and how awesome this is! Please make more and don’t stop writing! 33
2/26/2020 c4 northpurplesky
Oh my, i love your writing style! Its a good story and i hope you start another fremione fic!
2/9/2020 c4 muzzarae
Kudos. What an enjoyable story.
2/6/2020 c4 MCFC Blue Moon
I really enjoyed this. It's beautifully written and was such a great read.
Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful story with us.
2/6/2020 c1 Anonymous
I love it! Super good. I love how you always update quickly. No waiting for !months for the next chapter.

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