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10/13 c1 1RightWrong
Well, this was really enjoyable to read, thanks for writing! )
10/3 c1 lmcdanl
This is really sweet.
9/15 c1 Baelorfan
Very enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed Dumbledore being scolded in Gringotts. It is interesting seeing your categories of status: longline purebloods, then short-line purebloods, then halfbloods with two Magical parents (like Harry) or Dumbledore himself), then halfbloods with one Muggle parent (like Snape, Sean Finnegan), then Muggleborns, and at the bottom Muggles.

I would love to have seen a sequel, even a short one, that showed how the Wizarding World reacted to the news of Harry and Hermione being married at age six. Or their first year at Hogwarts or in homeschooling, learning about Magic but also learning Muggle subjects. Susan Bones and others interested would make for a proper small school.

Hermione, being Lady Potter and a halfblood (via her status as Regent Dagworth-Granger) might be better regarded. Then again, is there a category for those with proven Squib descent but no Wizarding parents? She isn't quite a halfblood but neither is she a Muggleborn.

Finally, I love Carole Granger and McGonagall in your story.
9/10 c1 shadewolfedrt
This would have been a great story to have a sequel to.
8/30 c1 TennysonPoet
Really love your writing
8/16 c1 erstwhile-S
Re-read it, and loved it all over again. They’re just so cute, and the Granger parents are just the best. Thanks.
8/2 c1 Natattack49
That was adorable. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
7/11 c1 ZeroExia
God you could make a long story out of this
7/9 c1 mumphie
Lots of fun, and so much more that could be done - if the muse ever struck!
And - Howard, Fine, and Howard? ... Three Stooges? Heh.
Fantastic Story.
6/20 c1 Ice Demon Ranger
Awesome story.
Thanks for sharing.
6/3 c1 Ale74
i love it
6/1 c1 HoneyBear84
Loved it and seriously hopeful that u will be writing a sequel someday
5/4 c1 25Miriam1
That is a perfect place to end the story.

Dumbledore is out of commission, so whatever his plans might have been were nullified.

Voldemort's horcruxes have been destroyed. Voldemort is gone.

Sirius is free. Harry never has to go back to the Dursleys.

It doesn't ultimately matter if Harry and Hermione go to Hogwarts, or somewhere in America, or Canada, or Australia. Or France, or are simply homeschooled by Sirius, Remus, and relatives.

This was sweet, and beautifully tied up.

Well done!

4/27 c1 bkerrmom1
Awesome story !
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