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2/23 c17 ArashiNokitsune
will Ben ever find a way to save gwen the situation is bad as is but at this point i don't like it at all Gwen has been put in that situation by outside forces she never even made the decision to she's a victim she didn't ask for this ben probably knows that it not fair to her, ben its hero time
10/11/2020 c1 Guest
Not bad
10/10/2020 c1 Guest
Update please please
10/5/2020 c1 Guest
update already
7/13/2020 c17 jarmet
Would you be writing a chapter where Ashoka and Ben found out they are going to be parents.
7/8/2020 c2 Dinkledork
Its pretty good so far. Hopefully ben can get his new training down before Dark Helmet arrives. This cross over works and im sad that no one updates or puts out more stories. I am liking how this is going but i have to wonder if ben might get slight anodite abilities now with force.
5/29/2020 c17 Guest
Romance isn’t rushed the time skips just happen too often
5/27/2020 c17 William Joy Sebastian
This is all amazing!
i love how you depict these characters very accurately, for most crossover fics i've met fails to depict an in-character personality and thoughts.. But this is just spot on!

Only one critique that i have, i think the romance between ben and ahsoka is just way too fast.. But it's all said and done, don't change anything please! In fact can you add a side story regarding the time jump and ben/ahsoka journey as a couple, throw in one or two lemons and a couple of action/adventure scenes.. Explore the absurdity which is star war's universe hidden planet, cuisine, star cruising technology, ancient lore, etc etc while you're at it
5/24/2020 c3 CaptainSidekick
Ah yes. I spoke too soon. One chapter later and the spelling is fixed. It's great so far. I will be reading everything that is posted already.
5/24/2020 c2 CaptainSidekick
Just started reading this not trying to be toxic but I'm pretty sure Ashoka is spelled Ahsoka.
5/22/2020 c17 quangnguyentran720
Could you update justice X, except you make Ben 10.000 lose to thanary "grunt" i think that story pretty good
5/20/2020 c1 Guest
I like this!
5/20/2020 c17 8G O G E T A 9 0 0 0
In the end, I couldn't find a serious and mature way to integrate an Omnitrix or Ultimatrix into the Star Wars Universe... any of Ben's aliens would easily deal with the entire Empire. Fourarms and XLR8 would slaughter stormtroopers and they're Ben's street tier transformations. Imagine Darth Vader with a Lightsaber facing Way Big, Atomix, or Alien X... or Clockwork, or Gravattack who can manipulate black holes. Any watch i give Ben disrupts the flow of the story, hence he only had three hours and didn't have exact locations for the Null Void gun, using the Omnitrix to power the teleporter is the smartest way to make use of it without it solving all of Bens problems.

As for the "Long long ago" part... ... I forgot about that part entirely, thats my bad. But, sure. The Omnitrix core had so much power it bypassed Maz's teleporter pad to send them through time AND space. Lol.

thanks for the reviews!
- A
5/20/2020 c17 3ReaderWarrior
I cannot wait to read more! Your fanfic is one I find very mature and very enticing. But I do have one comment. Star Wars takes place in a "Long long time ago", and not just a "galaxy far far away". I do not mean to be rude but wouldn't have Ben and Ahsoka been sent to dinosaur-filled earth? Or even earth that doesn't exist yet? I know you can probably write that the teleporters alter time AND space, but it posses a fun question. Also, couldn't it have been possible that Max gives been the Ultimatrix or even the Prime Omnitrix? (These are just random ideas I thought while reading, I do not mean to be rude or to tell you how to write).
5/19/2020 c17 Guest
Update shooting stars please ️
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