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for Wildest Dreams

9/9 c2 1ParadigmShift81
Holy shit. Do you know how many YEARS I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN?
4/22 c2 Moonie
I got so use to people starting and not updating jarly that I missed some updates.

I watched Carly, Jason and baby Donna and while she was explaining who Jason was I keep thinking tell her the truth... He's your step dad who married your mom lol
3/30 c2 4DtownGurl4488
I'm always hoping for new Jarly fics and this is a good one so far. Can't wait for more.
3/25 c2 Moonie
I'm enjoying your story

That always got to me how he could forgive Sam but not Carly.

There was a old article I remember reading in it the actress who played Carly talked about how Jason was her soulmate and if they ever decided to kill Jason he would be married to Carly... They reneged on their promise, those jerks.
3/4 c2 Foxyleo28
Hmmm that’s interesting she definitely put it out there. But she married to Sonny so is Jason going to take back what’s his in betrayal or not.
3/4 c1 Moonie
Yes a new jarly story

I'm so over cheerleader Carly for Sam

Update soon
3/4 c2 LuvSteveB
Oh my gosh I love this story! Love my Jason and Carly!
2/11 c1 Foxyleo28
This is good n interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens
2/8 c1 Guest
Not my Jason pairing but so far it's pretty darn good.
2/8 c1 LuvSteveB
Love it! Hope more is coming!

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