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for The Armored Cavalry

10/14/2020 c1 69F-14 Tomcat Lover
Check PM Inbox.
8/1/2020 c2 rdawamindra
Think you could add Eydis at some point in the story?
2/8/2020 c1 rdawamindra
Later, in a conversation between ALO players and Lizbeth

Alicia Rue: "So who are these new friends of yours again?"

Lizbeth: "They are our American and Canadian friends from War-Torn and Hellbound VRMMO war games."

Sakuya: "Wait, I thought we are supposed to fight against Americans here."

Lizbeth: "Well, these ones are the good Americans, while our enemies are the evil ones."
2/8/2020 c1 26MagicalGeek
*Bugle signal for Charge*

All tanks charge!

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